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Tamil Islamic Media Tafseer

At-Takwir The Overthrowing. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

There is also Online Radio. Al-Isra The Night Journey. Presumption is one of the cardinal sins according to the Catholic Church.

Quran with Pashto Translation (Audio / MP3)

Az-Zukhruf Ornaments of Gold. Al-Mujadala She That Disputeth. This does not mean they are wrong.

An-Nazi'at Those who drag forth. Jesus probably never claimed to be God, so I really believe that they interpret that much correctly. Al-Bayyina The Clear Proof.

Al-Mumenoon The Believers. Ad-Dhuha The Morning Hours. Books by Language uslprototype. Fussilat Explained in Detail. The application is very easy to use and you can add surahs to Favorite.

Al Quran with Pashto Translation (Audio / MP3)

This is very useful and much interesting for me and my friends. Its a noble work It will be highly appreciable and helpful to those listen Allah's word, if a direct translation is given to all sentences of the suras.

Atheists, what is your view of Jesus? What happens when you sell your soul to the devil? Al-Ahzab The Combined Forces.

Anyone understands arabic? Allah the almighty may reward you all.

Tamil Islamic Media Tafseer

Al Quran with Pashto Translation (Audio / MP3)

The Holy Quran

Al-Inshiqaq The Sundering. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? But I want to say that Muslims do accept Jesus, but they do not believe the same things about him as Christians do.

Does Jesus have an origin? May Allah reward you accordingly.

Does Quran recitation make you feel good? Why did the muslims get such a bad translation of the quran from classical arabic to modern arabic? Are these translations of the Quran correct? Al-Muddaththir The Cloaked One.

The Holy Quran

Al-Maarij The Ascending Stairways. Al-Kafiroon The Disbelievers.

Quran Mp3 - Download and listen full Quran in mp3 and zip

Jesus would have taught the belief in one God, katrina wallpaper which Muslims also teach. Al-Mursalat The Emissaries. Al-Ghashiya The Overwhelming.

Al-Munafiqoon The Hypocrites. At-Taghabun Mutual Disillusion. Am I supposed to tip at Hair Cuttery if I'm a guy? Az-Zalzala The Earthquake.

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