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The movie shines with suspenseful action sequences in very exotic urban areas around Istanbul. Olivier Megaton decided against this version as questions arose over Bryan's motivation for pursuing Murad. The Blu-ray version was released with both the theatrical and unrated extended edition. He next has Kim detonate two more grenades and releases some steam through a chimney to guide her to his location.


Regaining consciousness, Bryan finds himself zip tied to a pipe over his head in an empty basement. He tells Lenore to run and tries to shake the Albanians, but finally surrenders when they capture Lenore. Travelling to Paris with his men, he interrogates and tortures former intelligence agent Jean-Claude Pitrel, whose business card was found at the scene of Marko's death, but finds no information. None of it is particularly novel or exciting.

It will not be easy though, as she is constantly being chased and always seems to be within a few seconds of being captured, it certainly creates several theatrical heart skipping moments. Audible Download Audio Books. Also starring Maggie Grace. While going out for lunch with Lenore the next day, Bryan spots Murad's men following them.

Also starring Liam Neeson. Also directed by Olivier Megaton.

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The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath all the way until the very end! Bryan makes the suggestion that Lenore and their daughter Kim meet him in Istanbul while he is there on a job. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Films directed by Olivier Megaton. Three weeks later, the Mills family is at a diner back in Los Angeles, having milkshakes to celebrate Kim passing her driving test. The taxi chase then takes place with Bryan, Kim and Lenore eventually making it to the U.

Foreigners bad, Americans good, box office busy. It is certainly a wild ride of emotions, loud explosions, gun shots, and breath taking suspense that seldom stops to allow for relaxation. In an alternate version, Bryan rescues Lenore after she is recaptured. Camille Delamarre Vincent Tabaillon. But it could have been much more.

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Realizing that Kim is also a target, Bryan calls her at the hotel and tells her to hide, but then he is captured and knocked out. Embassy, Bryan uses his memory to find Murad's hideout. Realizing that Murad will never drop his vendetta against him, Bryan kills him by impaling him onto a sharp towel hook.

Moviegoers who liked Taken and want more of the same will get precisely that. It is the sequel to the film Taken and the second installment in the Taken trilogy. Alas, the movie can't help but descend into a pat part two, core movie hindi bereft of much suspense or tension.

Now they're coming for him. Confronting Murad, Bryan offers to let him walk if he agrees to return home and cease his desire for revenge. Meanwhile, Bryan has just finished his three-day security job for a wealthy Arabian sheikh in Istanbul and is surprised by his former wife Lenore and daughter Kim. As soon as they leave, Bryan frees himself and then her. He rescues Kim, but watches Lenore get recaptured.

He then bribes a corrupt police official for Pitrel's files and deduces that Pitrel's old friend Bryan Mills was responsible and is in Istanbul. Read on to find out which movies in theaters this weekend are worth seeing. Kim tosses a gun down the chimney, which Bryan uses to kill his guards. Luc Besson Robert Mark Kamen. The mobsters bring in Lenore, cut her throat slightly, and hang her upside down to bleed out.

Though hesitant at first, they end up surprising him and showing up in Istanbul. Theatrical release poster. He rescues Lenore and pursues the surviving mobsters to a bathhouse, where he kills them. Murad agrees and Bryan drops his gun, but the former goes back on his word and tries to kill Bryan, only to find the gun unloaded. France portal Film portal.

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