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From Wikipedia, winrip the free encyclopedia. The idea for casting the screenwriter Amole Gupte came from the casting director Honey Terhan. Kaminey received widespread critical acclaim from critics who praised many aspects of the film. But I think it's my luck that through Kaminey I got to learn one more language.

He replaced Pilibhit with Barabanki. List of accolades received by Kaminey. Bhope's men gatecrash Guddu's wedding and beat him, then realise that he is a migrant from Uttar Pradesh. The lovers escape as the police arrive, leading to a shooting spree in which the cocaine is destroyed. Charlie is engaged to Sophia, a woman earlier featured in his dream.

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Charlie's physique was very different from Kapoor's and it took him nearly a year to change the look of his body. Charlie's bosses arrive to avenge Mikhail's death but are killed along with Bhope, Tashi and their henchmen. Gupte, Roy Sanyal and Kapoor were placed at numbers six, three and one respectively as the best performances of by a Hindi actor by Rediff. At a petrol station, Lobo and Lele notice the pair. Her only aim in life is to bunk her lectures and visit her boyfriend's college or stay in his hotel, and eventually marry him.

Songs from kaminey

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Bhardwaj gave the twins verbal impediments to show that the world has now been so hardwired to convoluted and calamitous communication that it needs silence or a speech defect to hash things out. Watch it at least twice to fully appreciate this masterpiece. British Board of Film Classification. It's an audacious, original rollercoaster ride.

Vishal Bhardwaj composed the music soundtrack for Kaminey and Gulzar wrote the lyrics. Go get a shot of new age cinema and cinematic bravery!

Songs from kaminey

Kaminey (2009) MP3 Songs

Guddu takes the cocaine to the police, who bug him. Sweety hears about Bhope's plans to kill Guddu and shoots at the members of her household. Deja vu Ek chalis ki last local. Principal photography commenced in mid, and the film was mostly shot in Mumbai. However, Bhardwaj persuaded her to accept the role.

The policemen, upon returning, discover that the cocaine is missing and set out to find Charlie. Guddu finds the case and fights Charlie, who lets Guddu go. Bhope hears about his sister's actions and sends his men to apprehend the lovers. Chopra was supposed to ride a motorcycle with Kapoor seated on the pillion seat. Several media outlets reported that Bhardwaj considered many actors before casting Kapoor in the role, which he refused.

Sukhwinder Singh, Kailash Kher. Theatrical release poster. An inebriated Mikhail interrupts their conversation and is killed by Bhope.

Sweety gives birth to Guddu's twins and Charlie opens a bookmaking counter at the racecourse. He found changing from one character to the other difficult. The format of the film is of a caper and all the characters in this film, excluding one, has an agenda. Bhope sends his henchmen with Guddu to retrieve the guitar case from Charlie's house. It was difficult for me because it's a difficult language and I am not good at Marathi.

They met specialists and thoroughly researched stammering and lisping. On the way to the airport, Guddu realises that Sweety has faked her stutter. Charlie and Guddu are twins who were raised in Mumbai. Kaminey has received several awards and nominations in categories ranging from recognition of the film itself, to its cinematography, direction, screenplay, music and cast performances.

According to Kapoor, the producers wanted to find out about the medical reasons for the impediments and their mental effects. At the same hotel, policemen Lobo and Lele kill three drug dealers and collect a guitar case containing cocaine, which they must deliver to drug lord Tashi.

She learnt the Marathi language to make the character as authentic as possible, which she found difficult. Kapoor was unhurt but Chopra received scratch marks and bruises. They marry later that night. Had Bhardwaj abjured marriage, it would have been a complete break but the nuptials were essential to the drama of the film.

The teaser poster of Kaminey was received positively by critics. Gupte described his character as mercurial, and found playing him a physical delight. Since its release, the film has attained cult status. And trust Gulzar to artfully craft a really long fuse for the Kaminey bomb, making sure the tracks stay afire long before and after they actually go boom.

Seeking revenge, Charlie locates the jockey in an upmarket city hotel. Written and directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, Kaminey requires patience and attention but the pay off is more than worth it. Charlie tells Mikhail about the cocaine, who is delighted. Go for this hatke different experience!

The policemen assault Charlie, who refuses to negotiate, realising that the policemen are in as much trouble as himself. Charlie lisps while Guddu stutters. Guddu arrives at Bhope's house the same time as Tashi and his gang, with Charlie as their hostage. At Charlie's house, Guddu arrives with Bhope's men. Not that we expected anything less.

Songs from kaminey

She said she had a different cultural background to Sweety, and found it challenging to convincingly portray a Maharashtrian Marathi girl. Brave new Bollywood is here. Like it or leave it, but you'd never be able to ignore it. Shahid Kapoor was cast in the film's lead role.

The producers did not want them to look like caricatures, so Kapoor prepared for both roles by meeting and interacting with speech therapists and people with these impediments. Vishal Bhardwaj has proved his mettle yet again. Sweety fights off her brother's henchmen and escapes with Guddu. However, the release was postponed because of problems between the producers and multiplexes in India. Directorate of Film Festivals.

Charlie likes to take shortcuts to fulfill his dream of becoming a bookmaker at the racecourse where he works for three criminal brothers who fix races. Bhope and Tashi negotiate to trade the drugs, but Charlie snatches the guitar case and threatens to destroy it if Guddu and Sweety are not released. Kaminey Theatrical release poster.

India portal s portal Film portal Bollywood portal. Priyanka Chopra was cast to play Sweety, the lead female role. Charlie and his men invade the jockey's hotel room and take all his possessions. They said that to prepare for the roles they followed the script and Bhardwaj's instructions to get the characters right. Experimental in its sound, yet very mainstream in appeal.