You dirty, dirty, dirty goat

Secret Diary of a Call Girl sex scene

Tom Cruise looks sharp in black suit as he arrives at D. It began with another explicit scene which saw Belle describing a past encounter with a client to her publisher as she embarks on a new career as an author. Piper also revealed her father Paul had tried to watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl but found it too difficult to see his daughter in such an explicit role. In last night's episode of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Piper appears in a demeaning scene bleating like a sheep to fulfil the bizarre farmyard fantasies of one of Belle's clients. Belle lures her client to bed in her sexy lingerie.

Belle, played by Billie Piper, bleats like a sheep during the romp. My sister and I have lived together for most of our lives and she even helped me bring up my daughter.

Belle played by Billie Piper bleatsWhat started out as

You dirty, dirty, dirty goat. But by series three, it seems, she is more comfortable with doing virtually anything on screen.

My sister and I have lived

What started out as a somewhat naughty role is rapidly becoming something more disturbing. Piper has admitted to finding the graphic sex scenes difficult in the first series. In white lingerie and a pink robe, Belle is confident that she will soon remind him of what he has been missing. Piper, who lives with her actor husband Laurence Fox and month-old son Winston in a West Sussex village, has told how she receives disapproving looks when out and about. Piper, who won over a massive family audience as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, appears to be courting a rather more tawdry fanbase these days.

Billie Piper in her raunchiest scenes

Give me an hour with him, he'll be a new man. Billie Piper in her raunchiest scenes yet.

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