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Not to be confused with Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Saudagar film. Saudagar is a Indian Hindi drama film, new hollywood movies hd directed by Subhash Ghai. Saudagar Theatrical release poster.

Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Theatrical release poster.

Satisfied with the meher, he marries off his daughter Phoolbanu to Moti. With these new developments, the duo has their territories marked.

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He decides to stoke the fires once again, which he does by abducting, raping and killing a girl named Amla from Veeru's territory. Moti decides to get married to Majubee so that he does not have to pay her, and hence can save more and sooner. While Raju is shocked by this development, his sister, who had a secret crush on Veeru, commits suicide.

Meanwhile, a fish trader Majhi asked Majubee to marry him. Audible Download Audio Books.

Sudhendu Roy screenplay P. Three brothers are separated and united after many years - one is brought up a Hindu, another a Muslim and the last and most memorable a Christian. Hilarity and adventure ensues. Mandhari, who is now revealed to be a beggar and part of the story, happens to be one of the lucky few who do not have any fear of death from either side.

He told Amitabh what he felt. It is almost the end of the Gur season, and Moti does not make a good profit that year. Beethoven's String Quartet No. The people from both sides unite to fight against Chuniya. Waman Bhonsle Gurudutt Shirali.

Encyclopaedia of Hindi cinema. Tarachand Barjatya Subhash Ghai. Chuniya's machination works, exposing the lovers as well. Nutan Amitabh Bachchan Padma Khanna. The music for the film was composed by the versatile composer Ravindra Jain.


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Arora, Amitabh Bachchan, Birbal. Her Gur and consequently Moti's is very famous and people always prefer to buy from Moti.

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Majubee, unaware of Moti's ulterior motive, is first surprised by the proposal, but later accepts it. During the offseason, he meets a girl, Phoolbanu, and falls in love with her.

He always treats her with courtesy. She also sees Phoolbanu listening to everything from behind a fence. Ras by Narendranath Mitra. Edit Storyline Moti sells gurd in the market.

He takes two cans of date-nectar and approaches Majubee at her husband's house to request her to make him some Gur to sell. Chuniya, kin of Raja, sees an opportunity to leech off the money of Rajeshwar by keeping the two sides at war. Shortly after that he marries the village girl, and he goes back to his business of selling gurd. Chuniya has Veer's son Vishal killed, making the latter believe that Rajeshwar will stop at nothing to eliminate Veer. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows.

Veeru steps in to save the face of the girl and her parents by marrying her. Moti meets Phoolbanu's father and asks again for his daughter's hand. Saudaagar, saudaagar, Dil le le, dil dekar Dil le le, dil dekar Soch samajh le, baad mein Na pachhataana ye kah kar Saudaagar, saudaagar, Dil le le, dil dekar.

Amitabh arrived in a taxi cab wearing a white churidar pyjama. Although well qualified, Ram Chand is unable to obtain suitable employment, and works as a peon in an organization. Mandhari claims to the Commissioner that the day he finds out a solution to the problem, he will dance on one leg. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. The lovers succeed in doing so and try to make the old friends see reason.

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Raju and Veeru kill Chuniya but get fatally wounded themselves. Neither his sister nor Veeru have any objections to the marriage.