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It is a tribute to the author's father and all his wonderful qualities and virtues. Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita ebook. No one will read this wonderful book without an enhanced sense of the possibilities of being alive. This is a migrant story of deep belonging in Australia to people and place.

Utilizing methods inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein, the contributors to this volume explore this area in a variety of ways. Raimond Gaita writes an aching memoir about his life and his father's. The book is about migration, life and death, joy and illness, and the ethics of navigating contradictions and context. It is a strip full of crazy people, mostly men, and to begin with I felt as nervous as she did.

Text Publishing Romulus My Father Text Classics book by RaimondRomulus My Father

Romulus, however, isn't Important. One of best books I have read in recent times.

Text Publishing Romulus My Father Text Classics book by Raimond

It was interesting to gain some insight into the history of these places. Trivia About Romulus, My Father. Brilliant, moving honest account of a son's love for his incredible father. So, before long, these were people I knew, not in any intimate way, but in that sense you do people you see every day. The only thing that bummed me about this book was its brevity.

Raimond Gaita

It is told in the kind of matter-of-fact tone that makes the instances of abuse and harm and carelessness that occur due to mental illness seem almost too painful to read. Open Preview See a Problem?

Strange to think that we fear people simply because they are powerless, that we somehow invest power into their powerlessness. It is about passion, betrayal and madness, about friendship and the joy and dignity of work, about character and fate, affliction and spirituality. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Romulus My Father

Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. We actually read the book together over several months, taking it in turns reading it out to the other though she left before we finished it, and I finished reading it on my own. The story delves into the cultural differences between the Gaitas and the local Australians, which remain, but are to some extent transcended.

Raimond Gaita

Assisted migrants were required to work for two years at jobs chosen by the Australian government, jobs that did not always take into account their previous training and skills. This book is a compilation of all the wonders of having a parent who has good character and wants nothing but the best for humanity. Which is why it just tears at you. My friend S-L who told me this said that the Council did that to get rid of pigeons, now they are doing it with human beings.

It really is an extraordinary story, told with economy, honesty and potency. That's what you will want to do too. An engaging, heartfelt memoir of growing up. The prose is overly straightforward and bland, really taking away from the potentially emotional if unremarkable events. If enough people read it, at the end the world would be a better world.

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Romulus Gaita was a good man. Without a shadow of sentimentality. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It tells a story of a life lived fully with passion and without pretence. Lady Di is quickly forgotten. Attention Londoners, no feeding the homeless. Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita. One notes, rather to one's surprise, that there are professors of moral philosophy who have something worth saying on this difficult subject.

Written simply and movingly, Romulus, My Father is about how a compassionate and honest man taught his son the meaning of living a decent life. Pretty bland and unremarkable. This study of modern Australian life writing by sons who focus on fathers places an emerging sub-genre within its literary ancestry and its contemporary milieu. Told with simplicity and compassion, this is a beautiful memoir of a difficult life in an earlier time in Australia.

Beautifully written, a moving and enlightening account of the humanity in relationships at their extremes. Who was Romulus Gaita, and why read this memoir? This is a deeply moving book, and mostly in its way of not really trying to be moving at all. Romulus Gaita lived a difficult but fulfilling life. Simple biography of the authors immigrant father.

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We need a new reconstructive paradigm, as offered by this book, in order to gain a fuller understanding of life narrative and its humanistic potential. Sometimes I feel one's appreciation of a novel such as this can be largely due to what time in their life they read it. The book does not disappoint. We are in this sense selves in moral space. Raimond's mother Christina was also not a particularly caring individual but at least she was interesting and I think much more worthy of attention.

The Westminster city council has decided that homeless people should find somewhere else to be. So, as well as declaring that the homeless will no longer make the city their home, the Council has told charities that they aren't allowed to feed the homeless any more. The landscape near Frogmore, their home in rural Australia, comes alive on the page, as do the motorcycles that go to and fro over it. Strange to think we are scared of people because they have nothing and live on the street.

Much like Romulus himself and his belief in the transcendent virtue of honesty above the payoff of status or gain. The stories of the others are really only told as they relate to Romulus. Romulus, My Father encompasses all these themes. The tragedies in it would be enough to break anyone, and Raimond Gaita obviously dearly loved and esteemed his father. Raimond Gaita, in his description of his father's outlook and the Australian bush, track and field games for pc has emphasised the things that he sees as critical and let the rest just drop away.

As a paean to compassion, this book is perfect. Like all good memoirs, through telling the story of his father Romulus, Raimond Gaita reveals truths about himself as well. After we moved on, Henrietta said how nervous she was, the guy was a drug addict. Beautifully written, and won't take you long to get through.

Please review the types of cookies we use below. This one has always seemed the more urgent to get to, and now I finally have. This question opens up an important debate with the dominant postmodern paradigms that prevail in life writing studies today. They think it was because my father and Hora loved me deeply and that I never doubted it.

The joy at the heart of the story is in the living connection to others, regardless of the trials presented, and the pleasure of the sheer physicality and sensuousness of the world. These two element grow side-by-side, in counterpoint, each making the other more poignant by their juxtaposition. Moving from an ethics toward an aesthetics of life writing, Parker follows Wittgenstein's view that ethics and aesthetics are one. Although the film did an excellent job of conveying the main story, the book is essential reading, a tour de force.

It seems to me a reason to be outraged on their behalf, rather than scared of them. We use this information to create a better experience for all users.