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We even knew back then not everyone can obviously do this. Did all this weigh in to the concept behind the songs and album?

Playing the live shows kept it exciting for us. It is crazy when you mention how long we have been together as a band. Putting in the time of booking your own shows, playing small rooms, to larger rooms, to arenas now.

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Laughs Every year we made more fans, got to play bigger shows, and I guess the longer you do something the more of a taste you get for it and the further you want to take it. Those who take their lives and aspirations into their own hands can in fact make their dreams come true through hard work and determination.

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That is the first song I wrote that I even address the existence of the racism within our music. First, tell us, us single dating what has the ride been like thus far with the band?

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Interview - Rob Damiani of Don Broco - Cryptic Rock

It reminded us what it is all about, playing gigs is what we love to do, it is our favorite thing about being in a band. It seems people have lost self awareness. That is a good practice to keep things fresh too. It has obviously taken a long time for us. When you do feel like that, it just comes out naturally in the songs you are writing.

My dad raised me on classic Sci-Fi. It is a very personal story and a very strange topic. Amusing enough, the project slowly transformed into a fun gig between friends to something vastly more, Don Broco became a successful Rock band!

They are amazing, incredible places, but the amount of driving you have to do for one show, it was just crazy! We would get all the way back, get a few more days in the studio, and go back to festivals.

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It was very much a work in progress. Maybe it a combination of those things, plus the fact the world seems so out of the ordinarily fucked at the moment. When you see some of the injustices going on around the world, the power shift, and the way people are acting toward one another, it is a bit of a wake up call. It has been a bit of an adventure, there have been times where it has been tough.

That seems to be a general consensus, so it is not just me. That is probably where my main love of cinema comes from. We started out in a proper studio where we kind of rush wrote the album and recorded it as we were going. As far as Sci-Fi, I have always loved.

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