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On the Canvas, click the inset image once. You'll see a selection outline appear around the outer edges. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us!

Place an image into a frame

This feature lets you change the state of the Smart Object at a layer level without editing the Smart Object. Next, we'll add a drop shadow to the frame. Selection states of a frame and the inset image.

How Do Frames Work in Photoshop

This opens Photoshop's Layer Style dialog box set to the Stroke options in the middle column. The Photoshop Training Channel is a Photoshop resource site for beginners.

Photoshop Borders And Frames - Matted Picture Frame

You can now transform the frame independently. Learn how to easily mask images.

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Next, change the Technique option directly below it from Smooth to Chisel Hard. It's because we don't actually need a shadow here since our frame is already pure black. Let's make a couple more adjustments to the lighting. Don't close out of the Layer Style dialog box just yet.

Place an image into a frame

Convert any shape or text to a frame. Select both the frame and its image.

The image is placed as Linked or Embedded Smart Object. Place an image into a frame.

Drag an image from local disk into the frame in the Canvas area. You may even want to go a bit lower than that.

Instead, we'll create our own inner shadow using a different layer style - Inner Glow. This opens the Layer Style dialog box set to the Drop Shadow options. To do that, we'll first need to delete everything on the layer except the frame itself. In the dialog box that appears, select an image that you want to place in the selected frame. The image will automatically scale to fit the frame.

Next, to draw the frame, we'll use a couple of Photoshop's layer styles effects. With an existing image on the canvas, weka 3.7 for windows 7 use the frame tool to draw over the desired area of the image.

They've now been merged onto the layer. Draw a frame over an existing image on the canvas. The first thing we need to do to create our matted frame is duplicate the Background layer.

Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Then, click with the Magic Wand Tool anywhere inside the white area to select it.

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How Do Frames Work in Photoshop

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Since we're using the Background layer as the mat, let's give the layer a more descriptive name. Draw a new frame on the canvas. Place images into frames Search. Create frames with the Frame Tool.

This opens the Canvas Size dialog box. This will pop open the New Layer dialog box.

Frame layer in the Layers panel. With an existing image on the canvas, draw a frame over the desired area of the image. Next, make sure the center square is selected in the Anchor grid directly below the Relative option.

Frames are meant specifically for images. Instead, what we need is a second highlight, and by changing the Shadow Mode from Multiply to Screen, then changing its color from black to white, we effectively turned the shadow into a highlight! Replace Images from Frames You can replace an image in a frame by dragging a new image onto it. In the selection state, the inset image can be transformed independently. Let's add a white border around the image to serve as the mat that sits between the frame and the photo, and we'll do that using Photoshop's Canvas Size command.

The same area will now be filled with transparency, indicated by the checkerboard pattern. We'll finish off our picture frame by adding a second, smaller border around the photo, creating a double mat effect. Drag an image from your local disk into the frame. First, make sure the Relative option is checked. Learn more about the five essential blend modes every Photoshop user should know!

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On the Canvas, double-click the image. The image is placed as Embedded Smart Object. In the Layers panel, click the frame thumbnail in the frame layer. With Relative checked, enter the amount of canvas space you want to add for your mat into the Width and Height boxes, using whichever measurement type is easier usually either Pixels or Inches. In the Layers panel, drag a pixel layer into an empty frame.

Create a border or frame around an imagePhotoshop Borders And Frames - Matted Picture Frame