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Noh Min Woo and I are both inexperienced and clumsy with dancing, but the compilation of dancing made us look very stylish and cool. Acting in Gaksital as a whole, the energy level is pretty intense, kinkfm online dating and we had a lot of give-and-take with each other.

He was a really good hyung. Notably, his most memorable roles have all been villainous, enough to have some calling him a villain specialist. What I like best is to do my best in a tough situation.

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What he wanted was for Kang-to to send Shunji off with resolve, and for Shunji to show a complex range of emotions and then let the tears flow as he died. We filmed the first half of our China concert during the second half of shooting, so at that point I was used to being Kwang Hi, so the acting definitely came a lot easier to me. However, the actor revealed he had never personally put in contact lenses. If I try too hard and struggle with everything, it just makes me more tired.

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Shunji and Kang-to may have been incredibly close friends, but turning into enemies was unavoidable. He was awesomely chilling in Bow, playing a sadistic Manchurian prince who liked to toy with his spoils of war, with a leer on his face and while speaking a different language. The photos that go with this interview were posted here previously. Joo-won told me to grab his throat for real, and I found myself actually doing it. Our emotions would build on each other and get stronger.

It would be fun to work with him more. Whereas I take care to be half-immersed, and half-awake. Because it was the gray area I had to show, not a side that was too evil, or too good. That makes me more comfortable. How would he feel as he transformed into an idol member receiving the utmost fame?

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It feels awkward and uncomfortable. But when I was in scenes with Han Chae-ah noona, we would be like companions in misery and our conversations would be plain-spoken, which was really nice. Joo-won and I are a bit different. Filming is extremely fun and enjoyable for all of us at the moment.

It particularly drove me nuts to do the drowning torture scenes with women. During filming, our make-up artists had to put them in for me.

Despite their different nationalities Kang-to and Shunji were friends, though they became antagonists, and it was the middle ground that was difficult to express. In the drama Won Kwang Hi regularly used contact lenses when circumstances rendered his vision even worse. On set, I started to purposely joke around more. These situations were heartbreaking.

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There are many circumstances in which I am able to feel the praise from everyone as an actor, but through this role I was able to experience it firsthand. Similar outer expressing, worlds apart on the inside.

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Acting with her felt refreshing. After doing this work constantly, I found myself looking for fun in the smallest things.

Rather than becoming an actor known for only one specific style of acting, I want to be known as someone who can take on any role and build a range filled with an assortment of characters. It was the process of changing from a good person to a bad one that we showed. We can imagine that it was a relief to break character when possible. When we read that script, everyone had a hard time with it and felt uncomfortable while shooting it. We did practice a lot for this, though.

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