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Prakash Raj is pretty good in a vital role. But if you try it with an open mind, you'd probably savour it. For the first time, he played a youth cum action hero, who is trying to take revenge on a landlord for the death of his parents.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here Mani Sharma has laid it up all for him, and Karunya adds the right feel and fervour.

The film became a sleeper hit. The duo romp through the fun number with practised zeal and gusto. It turned out to be a much needed hit for Rao after a series of debacles and his performance as a corrupted cop Daya who turns a good doer was appreciated by audience and critics alike.

He then collaborated with Ashok director Surender Reddy for the romantic action film Oosaravelli in which he was paired opposite Tamannaah. Ashok is going to break all the records. Ashok music tops audio charts.

Jassie Gift has a unique voice. These optics should be used selectively to derive the maximum output. Sonu Sood is perfect as the main villain. Late actor Sobhan Babu praised Rao's performance too.

He gave a new look, in order to get rid of the youth one, and grew a light beard. Surender Reddy gave entirely different look to me and new texture to my characterization. Jeeva steals the show as a comic baddy. Surender Reddy is a fantastic director. It depends upon who asks for what.

That is when I decided to become a hero. Mani Sharma provides the perfect base for Hariharan, in the company of Vardhini, to weave his inimitable magic. Actor choreographer Kuchipudi dancer singer television presenter.

If those scenes were narrated in regular format, it would have been very routine. Arts banner with his half-brother Nandamuri Kalyan Ram as the producer. It was an average grosser at the box office. He later quit youth films and started experimenting with faction dramas. The music was composed by S.

Ashok audio launch - Telugu Cinema - NTR Sameera Reddy

Jabiliki The moment you see Hariharan's voice in the credit line you expect a number that is redolent with rich softness and style. He can be full of mass beats as well drip melody and lilt. My life is indebted to all the people mentioned above, fans and media people. He played a leader of the village. Gola Gola It is a rambunctious start.

Jassie is accompanied by Chitra, to whom no tune is impossible. Hariharan's voice in itself music.

Oka Chinni Full Song Ll Ashok Movie Ll Jr Ntr Sameera Reddy

Ashok Songs - Gola Gola

His performance in hospital when Rajiv Kanakala dies is very good. The music by Mani Sharma was a big hit among audiences. It went on to become one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of all time.

Oka Chinni Full Song Ll Ashok Movie Ll Jr Ntr Sameera Reddy

He combines his experience and essential skill in this again rhythm-filled number. She drops the gun and falls down dead, apparently dying of shock. Its sweep and appeal is limited. Rajamouli to act in his debut Student No. The lyrics are a mix of Telugu and English.

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Muntajmahalu You read the fist word of the number. Wikimedia Commons has media related to N. But, on the evidence of this number, Karunya seems to be someone whom you can bank on. Sameera Reddy got a compliment earlier that she did terrific dance with me. Music by Mani Sharma is good.

We are looking forward to release the film in the first week of July. Singers Ravi Varma and Sujatha are pretty zestful. Rao also promised to take care of his family, due to the fan's sudden demise.

Director could able to narrate the film effectively without revealing the main conflict point in the first half. Rao collaborated with Kantri director Meher Ramesh for a historical fantasy action film Shakti.

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Devan, who is a specialist in such affected-accent songs, windows 98 os is pretty good. The following celebrities released the individual songs of the film. Mani Sharma is one music director who knows how to give songs that will suit the image of an actor.

You read the fist word of the number. Surender Reddy Vakkantham Vamsi Gopimohan. The director, had successful releases in the past year, and this film created a lot of hype.

Ashok audio launch - Telugu Cinema - NTR Sameera Reddy

The following episodes got instant applause. His father Prakash Raj still harbours anger against him despite his good behaviour that has a positive outcome. He is the grandson of Telugu actor N. But once the main conflict point is out, the film moves on predictable mode. The film saw him pairing with Sameera Reddy for the second time.

Chase sequences during interval episode are captured brilliantly. The beats are fulsome and roll continuously. Rao played Raja, a thief who later criticizes and insults Yama and then suddenly goes into hell due to some bad acts. His position in Tollywood went sky-high due to the consecutive successes.

Ashok (2006)

Story of the film is adequate with good quota of three major elements - Family orientation, love thread and mass conflict. His second release, the romantic comedy Brindavanam was directed by Vamsi Paidipally and produced by ace producer Dil Raju who is known for romantic films. Tanvi matches him with her own lively rendition. Though predictable, the song's appeal lies in its mass-based rhythms as you feel like breaking into a dance pattern. The feeling is pretty lively.