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The flexibility of the theme to incorporate and adapt features of new musical styles is not only amazing but also essential for its survival. Through the adaptation of the rhythm and the catchy melody into some kind of solemn passacaglia, La Folia gained popularity, not in the least in the higher circles of society.

Composers in Germany apart from W. They were literally driven mad by the noise and the stirring rhythm. The framework twice with the melody added the second time.

For other uses, 1099 forms 2014 see Folia disambiguation. But in fact the theme of La Folia has never been so popular for composers as in the last decades. Because there is no direct relation with the earlier mentioned musical structure these Folias will be ignored here.

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They are both in triple meter, have more or less parallel halves with the mid-cadence on V but the differences are even more interesting. There are many local variants of this tune and texts circulating in Sweden to give it a political character. The early folia may use a major or minor tonic chord or mix them within a single statement, whereas the later folia uses a minor tonic chord. However, I have not yet found concrete evidence for the Iceland version.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The most striking feature of La Folia, however is that the theme is not well-known to a larger public, although more than composers for over years made lots of brilliant variations. These Folias became very popular in Spain and Italy.

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In Sweden the tune is known as Sinclairsvisan and it must have been quite popular at the time when Anders Odel wrote a text on the melody. The Portuguese origin is recorded in the treatise De musica libri septem by Francisco de Salinas. Another striking feature is the variety of instruments used to play the theme in a completely natural way.

Baroque Classical Flamenco Latina Morisca. Over the course of three centuries, more than composers have used it in their works.

Problems playing this file? Several sources report that Jean-Baptiste Lully was the first composer to formalize the standard chord progression and melodic line. Recent research suggests that the origin of the folia framework lies in the application of a specific compositional and improvisational method to simple melodies in minor mode. It is possible to recognize a common structure in many Swedish folk tunes, and it is similar to the Folia structure. The Folia melody has also influenced Scandinavian folk music.

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