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The trio ran amok throughout the studio - until their capture. Yakko the oldest is a fast-talking smart alec, reminiscent at times of Groucho Marx. She was voiced by an uncreditted Tress MacNeille.

More info on Katie Ka-Boom

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The all-but-invariable result of his efforts is that he himself loses patience with the Warners and goes insane. Senator off-screen, so as not to show any actual violence.

Although more serious than other characters, even he is driven nuts by the Warners, and orders them to be executed. It is still all an act, though. In other words, they are actors who live on the Warner Studio Lot and perform skits, in-universe. Dot promptly pulls out a boombox and starts blasting the theme song.

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In one of these cases, Mr. He wishes for a wheelbarrow of dynamite and all fuses are already lit. He is then defeated when Wakko Warner makes his wish, radiocarbon dating and christianity two hay-pennies.

Skullhead to stand in front of the women and bob his head, which fools them for some time. An oversexualized mink Julie Brown who used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted. Phrankenstein - A stubby mad-scientist bearing a strong resemblance to Bride of Frankenstein though her musical talents owe much to Frank N. When Pesto's efforts eventually make it necessary for Steven to rescue him, Pesto reluctantly approves him.

Wally Llama - Parody of the Dalai Lama. Begone, pests, and give me the bird!

Well, more like Pulverizing The Fourth Wall. This is seemingly the Warner's mission in life aside from simply keeping themselves entertained. Slappy only wears a hat and also a scarf in Wakko's Wish. Yakko, Wakko and Dot fear him due to his being immune to their annoying, abusive, and anvil-dropping ways. Obsessing over the minutiae of the show?

Appears in Smell Ya Later. Luckily they escape, but he fires the cannon personally, and appears to mortally wound Dot. The creature's appearance is inconsistent, changing with every episode, though sometimes appearances recur, though not consecutively. Nevertheless, he resolves to come up with a new idea for the next night. Schreiber pulled out of the project in due to illness, but Beanie still made two non-speaking cameos in Macadamia Nut and Star Warners.