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Working in Baltimore Harbor on a tug boat. Eddie has been a great friend through all this, giving me great advice and support. Since the season ended I took about two weeks off then went straight back to work.

We always have a good laugh. Where would you meet guys? Ben and I live just a couple blocks from one another, where we go for sunset paddle boarding in the canals and sushi and sake with Kate when she's in town.

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We really want to get people talking and thinking about these issues. You'll just have to wait until the reunion!

Kelley and I have done a good amount of shark fishing, causing a ruckus at late nite Laudy spots, dating website profile generator for dating and even got into some pretty sweet Everglades photography. My relationship status is that I am currently dating someone. Still dating the same wonderful girl.

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It looks like everyone is doing great though. Since we left Ohana, I have seen, talked to, or hung out with everyone from our crew at one point or another.

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You better open my damn car door. Overall, everyone has a positive attitude in regards to our relationships and with the results from the show. We took the boat up the coast from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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We really want people here to be aware of campus resources. However, my primary focus has been launching my health coaching business, which is a phone based program that I am inviting anyone in the world to join. Executive producer Brad Kern stated that Cuoco's character was initially brought in as a possible spin-off. No my ex was the nicest guy in Vegas.

The same goes for my sister! We can often share a good laugh together through text messages.

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