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We need to let go of the past and see people as individual humans. In the end, they are used and broken.

However, even if a silk dress must go to a dry-cleaner, women feel it is worth having and wearing. Florentine Lecorcier is full of hip hop passion and loves discovering new artists. That really depends on the project.

Yet women are more powerful today than any other time in history. The most fascinating part of Somerset House is the building style as well as the aristocracy that lived there.

Photo-bombing the NacoParis presentation. Bumble and bumble, of course. It is very important to work with artists that share your vision and can amplify a greater impact with in the industry. Of course, later I noticed how it is to really be on your own! Beneath the eccentricities lays a brilliance of tailoring and a substantial understanding of garments so precise it could have only been learned in a Parisian couturier.

My images are not over-polished or surreal. With a background in the United States and craftsmanship of a Parisian couturier, you have based yourself in between the two in London. When you set up a big thing, there are always confinements.

For women, it is a really saturated market. Each one represents a type of architecture.

Tell us a bit about those student years there. His collaborations go beyond his native Italy abroad to Germany, Spain and Denmark with leading photographers and a number of Italian brands in the fashion industry. This is the magic of the rap. Why have you chosen to create your own brand after having work for big houses? For me Claes Iversen is somebody to keep an eye on internationally.

It takes a long time until people begin to trust you. For commercial jobs, I shoot on medium format cameras from Hasselblad with digital backs. What all four have in common is that they were inspired by not finding what they were looking for yesterday and set out on creating today. They copy big names but produce pieces faster and cheaper. The best luxury is to be your own boss and create your own work.

For Tony and Daniel, art is an expression of self-discovery and destruction. Especially as a dressmaker. My writing will always be me. They were underpaid, worked a lot and pretended to have a wonderful life just because they had a big name under their belt. Los Angeles inspires me very much every time I go there.

That gives us a lot of freedom in our creativity. They treat you like you are on your own, best first line for dating sites which I see as a very positive.

We are selling a lot at an international level and we want to keep this going. When did you first pick up a camera?

It opened my eyes up to the world and different cultures. If we Maroussia Rebecq transformed vintage pieces, it was because we wanted to play with the clothes.

This is where her best flow comes and cites new experiences and people as her creative fuel. Through examples of work, people become inspired which generates brand loyalty as well as respect. How would you describe your style and techniques? This allows them to open up whole heartedly with their individual creative visions and the end results have made immense impact.

Collections are presented as performances, happenings and videos. For their Spring Summer collection From the Shore, they were inspired by the seaside, the confrontation between the sky and the sea, and all the creatures that live there, such as birds. How has those experiences correlated to your work now?

For this spring, she studies the contradiction between Greenlandic functionality and Nordic minimalism. What do you like to communicate through your photos? The shapes we are creating are powerful, but not in a warrior way. Some shops asked to buy the samples and then the Japanese ordered some.

What makes his manner of singing unique is his particular athletic flow using staccato rhythm whilst lyrics are read fast, literally taking him seconds. You have to be in a city that is very related to fashion. So, in a way, it prepares you. After graduating in literature, she has collaborated with French art magazines. Now you are doing the same but for yourself!

We favor the creative over the commercial. It was a way to have fun, to continue to create and not lose my skills. The thing is, the fashion in London has become lost in all of the commercialism.

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Which destinations inspire you? It assumes the thoughts of the rapper who simply wants to express himself and not to be judged by anybody. Get ready, as each track is better than the other, and they do it with such laid back ease. Not surprising since they are cinephiles and create a sound that can be described as the best kitsch soundtracks that never existed.

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One of the first things I did when I moved in was explore the house. New things are happening all the time with my brand and company. Dreams are a shadow of something real and reality could just as easily be an illusion. Among the quiet, you have a chance to find yourself and follow your instincts, which is easily extinct in the machine of Paris.

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