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We believe in Him and depend on Him. To respect the learned is to respect God. They think good for themselves the things which are actually injurious to them and regard harmful the things which really benefit them. The vices which they regard as enormous sins for others, they consider as minor shortcomings for themselves.

They accept bare earth as the most comfortable bed and water as the most pleasant drink. Here I hold stores and treasures of knowledge. Your houses and property was taken up by others, your widows have remarried, this is what we can tell you of this world.

If he is plunged in distress, then his agitation, impatience and nervousness disgrace him. Did it keep you in the dark about the fate of your fore- fathers and their final abode under the earth? One who is afraid of the Day of Judgment, is safe from the Wrath of Allah. The intellect is a king and characteristics are its subjects, so if it is weak in governing them, disorder takes place.

For everything that you own there is Zakat, and Zakat of your body is fasting. How many are they and where could they be found? What you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you. To keep silent when you can say something wise and useful is as bad as keeping on propagating foolish and unwise thoughts. Overlook and forgive the weaknesses of the generous people because if they fall down, Allah will help them.

If he acquires wealth, then he becomes haughty and arrogant. Be away from me, why do you come in front of me like this? If he is overtaken by poverty, then he finds himself in a very sad plight, hunger makes him weak, and over-feeding harms him equally. There will be a people who will carry knowledge around with them, but it will not pass beyond their shoulders.

Soil crushes his flesh as his blood dries and bone decays. Surely want is a trial, and having sickness of the body is more difficult to bear than indigence, and having a sickness of the heart is more difficult to bear than having a sickness of the body.

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The quotes by Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib are of high importance and should affect a person immediately and make us active in becoming better Muslims, of course we have the primary sources of Islam i. The quotes by Imam Ali number many, gulf voiz as there are many collections of his life especially among the Shia Muslims. Nice discussion On Imam Ali R.

The learned man understands the ignorant for he was once ignorant for he was once ignorant himself. When did it make you lose your intelligence and reasoning? One who takes lessons from the events of life, gets vision, one who acquires vision becomes wise and one who attains wisdom achieves knowledge.

Truth means conformity of speech with the Divine mode of working. Often your utterances and expressions of your face leak out the secrets of your hidden thoughts. Hazart Muhammad pbuh and Hazrat Ali were Muslims. They were Muslims, we are Muslims yet they were able to conquer lands and we are conquered! He is attended by those who are close and who are distant.

Practice makes knowledge perfect. Those who give up religion to better their lot in life seldom succeed. Humility is one of the nets spread by real greatness.

His skin returns again and again anew after having been baked. No faithful Muslim will ever be your enemy and no hypocrite will ever be your friend. Bani Abdush Shams are more in numbers, ugly and intriguers but Bani Hashim are beautiful, good speakers and orators and very faithful as friends. One, who seeks advice learns to realize his mistakes. The duties which were decreed as hard and unbearable by them.

Worms crawl all over his body, his pus drips from his nostrils on his neck and chest. When a community is composed of honest, sober and virtuous people, your forming a bad opinion about anyone of its members, when nothing wicked has been seen of him, is a great injustice to him. Accept promises of only those persons who can steadfastly adhere to their pledges. Take account of the warnings it has given you and do not be seduced or deceived by its allurements. Many persons get nothing out of their fasts but hunger and thirst, many more get nothing out of their night prayers but exertions and sleepless nights.

His trumpet is blown, he is called on to gather with others and stand trial. The first is Mecca, which belongs to God. They are quick and free to pass verdicts against others but they never pass a verdict against their own vicious deeds.

Two kinds of people will be damned on my account Those who form exaggerated opinion about me and those who under-estimate me because they hate me. On the contrary in a corrupt society to form good opinion of anyone of them and to trust him is to harm yourself. Afterwards, the shrine was closed for two years, officially for repairs.

Timur ordered the restoration of the shrine after a visit to Najaf. But in the end Hazrat Ali a. It shall neither remain with you for ever, nor will you remain in it eternally. Let the prayers guard you from calamities and disasters.

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He is the wisest and the most knowing man who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the Mercy of Allah and not to be too sure and over-confident of immunity from His Wrath and Punishment. Knowledge gives life to the soul. The wise aim at perfection. He bowed happily before the Will of Allah and he led the life of a mujahid. If this order was given by Allah.

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25 Inspiring Quotes by Imam Ali

Entrance to the shrine is through three main monumental portals on the eastern, northern and southern sides, called the Main or Clock Portal, al-Tusi Portal and the Qibla Portal respectively. They force others to obey them but they never obey Allah.

25 Inspiring Quotes by Imam Ali

One, who adopts patience, will never be deprived of success though it may take a long time to reach him. He sent him during a good opportune period of time, when there was disbelief, as mercy for His servants and a boon for more. He sees people disobeying Him and tolerates them not because He can be overruled or be compelled to accept human supremacy over Him. Sunni view of Ali Shia view of Ali.

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Generosity is to help a deserving person without his request, and if you help him after his request, then it is either out of self-respect or to avoid rebuke. Their knowledge did not prove of any avail to them. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Imam Ali Mosque.

But there are people who will praise this world on the Day of Judgment that it reminded them of the Hereafter and they took advantage of these reminders. His color of complexion is changed.