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Minimizing Message Delay for Smart Grid Applications under Jamming Smart grid is a cyber-physical system that integrates power infrastructures with information technologies. We also present several new deduplication constructions supporting authorized duplicate check in a hybrid cloud architecture. This phenomenon occurs in several fields including economics, population studies, and medical research. The stickiness score considers the probability of a segment being a phrase in English i. Extensive simulations demonstrate the fault tolerance and energy efficiency performance of our framework in larger scale networks.

This is accomplished by means of an adaptive distributed monitoring architecture automatically deployed in the cloud infrastructure. Investigation, Elimination and Exploitation Opportunistic mobile networks consist of mobile devices which are intermittently connected via short-range radios.

Security analysis demonstrates that our scheme is secure in terms of the definitions specified in the proposed security model. AnonyControl decentralizes the central authority to limit the identity leakage and thus achieves semianonymity. We formulate this objective as a combinatorial optimization problem, and show how to derive an optimal solution using Integer Linear Programming. The scheme prevents replay attacks and supports creation, modification, and reading data stored in the cloud. We first describe how we structure the test-data generation problem for unit-class testing to generate relevant sequences of method calls.

The packets from a source node are distributively transmitted to base stations directly or indirectly, and then they are transmitted to the destination. We also provide an online prediction mechanism for deciding whether personalizing a query is beneficial. Experimental results show efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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All existing data discovery and dissemination protocols suffer from two drawbacks. IoT exploits recent advances in software, falling hardware prices, and modern attitudes towards technology. Lack of standardization has resulted in contradictory results from different evaluations, and the numerous discrepancies muddle what advantages are proffered by different approaches. Record-replay approaches can reliably replay recorded crashes, but they incur substantial performance overhead to program executions.

We have well equipped lab set-up, assamese songs bihu experienced faculties those who are working in our client projects and friendly student coordinator to assist the students in their college project works. It allows the network owners to authorize multiple network users with different privileges to simultaneously and directly disseminate data items to the sensor nodes.


Specifically, ToF formulates six basic workflow transformation operations. In addition to modeling temporal dynamics in a multivariate phase space, a Bayesian approach is applied to model the first-order Markov behavior in the multidimensional data sequences. We show that our proposed authorized duplicate check scheme incurs minimal overhead compared to normal operations. We propose to route keywords only to relevant sources to reduce the high cost of processing keyword search queries over all sources.

The results show that our system outperforms two other previously developed state-of-the-art approaches in terms of detection accuracy. In fact, the security risk of unknown vulnerabilities has been considered as something un-measurable due to the less predictable nature of software flaws. We also propose an extension to the above approach to improve the efficiency of encryption at the data owner.

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However, the increasing complexity and the rapid growth of the real world healthcare challenging applications make it hard to induce the database administrative staff. Interpreting the Public Sentiment Variations on Twitter Millions of users share their opinions on Twitter, making it a valuable platform for tracking and analyzing public sentiment. We furthermore propose adaptive forwarding strategy to intentionally control the amount of forwarding redundancy and satisfy the required forwarding performance with minimum cost.

In this paper, we present the most extensive empirical performance evaluation of relational keyword search techniques to appear to date in the literature. Our experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of ToF in optimizing the performance and cost in comparison with other existing approaches. Although these issues often contribute to a decrease in the accuracy of the model, most modeling approaches lack of mechanisms to address them.

Under this weak assumption, we limit both the communication and computation complexity of each participant to a small constant. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework.

Numerical analysis and experiments on commodity cloud show that our scheme is secure, efficient, and accurate. The experiments verified its accuracy and effectiveness in optimizing queries. The cloud then executes most of the operations pertaining to the learning algorithms over ciphertexts without knowing the original private data.

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Our key insight is to apply secure user-specific, distance-preserving coordinate transformations to all location data shared with the server. An arbitrary performance and cost optimization process can be represented as a transformation plan i. Alternatively, post-failure-process approaches analyse crashes only after they have occurred.

We formulate and optimally solve the problem. Participatory sensing has the problem that contributions are sporadic and infrequent. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive data while supporting deduplication, the convergent encryption technique has been proposed to encrypt the data before outsourcing. To facilitate efficient information exchange, wireless networks have been proposed to be widely used in the smart grid.

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We construct a sufficient statistic by exploiting the derived noise distributions, and justify that the statistic has several special properties to reveal the ground-truth quantization step. We extend the often-required symmetric distributions of entries in a random-projection matrix to asymmetric distributions, which can be more easily implementable on imaging devices. We analyze the performance of the proposed mechanism by performing extensive experiments. Then, a graph-based co-ranking algorithm is exploited to estimate the confidence of each candidate.