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Hawaiian Guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar step One step is equal to one tone. The level of equalisation set by a tone control on a guitar or amplifier. The sounding of a guitar string with a plectrum or finger. Slur A form of legato in which hammer-ons and pull-offs are used to move smoothly between a series of notes.

The Spanish term for ring finger annular finger on the picking hand. The screws and metal plates that are used on a locking nut.

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Usually added as an embellishment. This allows you to see how two different scales in two different keys can contain the same notes. Electric guitars use electronic amplification and therefore have less need for the hollow body, although the body still has an effect on the timbre of the instrument. Can also be achieved with guitar effects.

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Compression and noise gates also make use of sound processors and are commonly used by guitarists to neaten up sound. In guitar there are rhythm fills and lead fills.

The naturally occurring grain pattern on the surface of wood that gives each acoustic guitar a unique character. Tetrachords are not actually played as chords. These chords can be played in various positions of the fretboard producing the same chord but in a different key. Dropped tunings allows easy playing of power chords on the lower strings and are used mainly in heavy metal music. The kerfing lines the seam between the sides and the soundboard, bluesnarfing and between the sides and back.

No longer used so commonly as it is a protected species. The section of the neck that joins onto the body. In the context of guitar music this would be a mute performed with the fretting hand, as palm muted notes still have a distinctive pitch.

Sometimes the common tone is always the highest or lowest note to create a specific effect. Referred to as fan strutting because the struts radiate out from a central point just like a fan. An instruction in written music that states you allow all notes to ring until the riff is finished. The removable metal bar that can be attached to the bridge. Alternative formations of a specific chord.

Right hand tapping is commonly used to achieve fast legato style playing. The underlying rhythm of a piece of music determined by the tempo. Bar Medio The Spanish term for the middle finger on the picking hand. Where the notes of a chord are not played at the same time.

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Harmonics that occur at certain parts of the string called nodes. Usually refers to notes that are sometimes improvised by a musician. The waist of an acoustic guitar divides the body into the upper bout and lower bout.

The level of skill and effort needed to play a particular guitar. The Roots show the available root keys from C upwards and the types show a variety of the most common chord types. As opposed to a floating bridge. An instrument similar to the guitar that is used in Spanish folk music.

Looking at modes that are derived from the same scale but having each mode in the same key. Can be used to add depth to a sound. The hand that holds the plectrum or plucks the strings with fingers. Extreme down-bends can be referred to as divebombs. The long thin strip of dark hardwood rosewood or ebony for example on the surface of the neck, on which the fret bars are placed.

The method in which a vibrato bar is attached to the guitar. Pick Small, thin object used for plucking or strumming the strings.

Instead the strings are anchored to the bridge by ball-ends. Commonly found on acoustic guitars. It consists of a pear-shaped body and steel strings. The thickest and lowest sounding string on the guitar. Hawaiian guitar A guitar played horizontally, on which, a steel bar is used as a slide.

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Open String Chord A chord that consists of open strings and may or may not include fretted notes. The Major Triad sustain The length of time that a note sounds for after it is plucked. The underlying rhythm to a piece of music.

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Short for humbucker, a type of pickup consisting of two electromagnetic coils of opposite polarity. Used on flat top acoustic guitars.