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Facebook DeviantArt Contacts. Galaxy - Unique Futuristic Font. Continue Shopping Checkout Now. If anyone identifies it, please post link to download. Helen is a passionate writer who finds inspiration in everyday things and is happy to share them with readers.

You may not modify these fonts. The logo is a hallmark of the band, thus it should be unique and recognizable among all fans. Raw spiked and scratched Black Metal Font.

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Many rock bands use their own unique fonts crafted specifically for the musicians. Futuristic, Hi-Tech, Alien Font with dots and lines.

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Eroded, Horror and messy Alien Font. Gargoyle Complete Family Pack.

Rubric Cubed Deluxe Regular. Aerotype Hot Metal Originals.

Plus Membership Affiliates. If you wish to use them in commercial projects you must pay a fee.

Vetements - Fonts In Use

If you'll credit me as an author i'd very much appreciate it. Free for personal use, for commercial use credits are required. Medium Bold readable leaking Grunge Font with paint drips and splatters. Sharing the fonts on the other web-sites is forbidden, until the backlink to modblackmoon.

Heartless - Deathmetal Font

Heartless - Deathmetal Font Regular Font. Brutal Death Metal Font, rough cracked with spikes and branches. This font is inspired by most of deathmetal logo. More Fonts By lettersiro co. How to purchase, wsap download and install fonts.

Vetements - Fonts In Use

Crucifix Complete Family Pack. Pretty readable but still very raw and cracked.

It needs to be thick so I can make a blood patteren out of it. Extended Latin English letters and Numbers. Sometimes they include Gothic-style typefaces and fonts created in tribute to the famous rock bands. Freeware, credits are appreciated.

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So it was with the Nirvana logo used for their album covers. This is our newest Product Called Heartless.

Pop Art style Font with some Graffiti inspirations, smooth shapes with square angles, bold and legible. Share this product Share Tweet Pin it Share. Pretty much legible letters with weathered edges that give this demonic feel. If you have any questions - feel free to ask. Product Informations File Format.

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If the font is used for a logo it becomes even harder. Suits well if you need some apocalyptic writting. Never Brush - Handwritten Font. Basic shapes are made of Scythes. This font is not available for free download.

Cashback Complete Family Pack. Eroded Industrial, Grunge Font style. Quite legible at small size so might be useful for styling tracklists for Metalcore bands. Spiked very raw and jagged font, inspired by horror comic book lettering, might work as Grunge font as well. Hand-drawn with the Pencil.

Handwritten font styled as an old witche's scratches and scribbles. Note, that some of these fonts are free only for personal use. Scratched, dirty handwritten font with grunge elements. Blocky bold outlined font with blood or paint drips and splatter.

Mercurio Complete Family Pack. Handwritten scratched Metalcore Font. Famous logotype of Scorpions was made with the use of a modified Lady Starlight font. Freeware, credits appreciated.