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Dating guild guitars corona

Hans literally went through the dumpsters at Westerly pulling out records and other miscellaneous items of value. Manage your vintage and other japanese manufacturers.

Because Guild's records themselves were poor, and after closure of Westerly, a lot of it was simply tossed. There was a link to an article by one of our members posted recently that explains why pretty well, I'll look for it and give you a link in a bit. In the meantime Corona was building guitars.

It's finally coming

It's finally coming into its own, though. We ship out of Southern California.

We ship out of Southern California

Guild Guitars, serial numbers Posted by mike G. While almost any polish made specifically for guitar will be safe to use on your Guild, it really comes down to the type of finish that is on the guitar. Generally a dealer will be more than happy to provide a duplicate receipt if the original has been misplaced.

However, in general, if the model that you own is still in production, or a reissue is in production, the case for that current model will most likely fit your vintage Guild. Rich guitars, the years, holding a list instruments manufactured by luthier s. There are no corresponding model names or numbers available. It is valuable intellectual property especially given the lack of info from Fender and on the net.