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The instrument is actually labelled with the name of Butler as manufacturer. Can you please confirm it from the following pictures? The instrument is pretty complete.

However, as with everything else in Singapore, the dating scene is competitive, too, for some expat women as professed by their own selves. This article originated as a set of guidelines that I sent to Chris Algar for the Lachenal serial number dating project. Expat dating in Singapore is easy because there are many singles expats.

This is a beautiful instrument which deserves to be played. It has the great red finish and is in very nice condition. We always sell at concert pitch, unless otherwise stated. The German factories in Saxony also made enormous numbers of cheap anglos but not many of these were well enough made to survive. Some of the sites have a lot of information about concertinas and the people who play them, as you would expect.

The Concertina Museum Collection

It seems abnormal for a George Jones as most his stuff is nature themed. Obviously having a good time, George Jones and Dolly Parton crack up after missing thier cues while filming a video for their new duet Blues Man at the Opry House. George Jones entertained at the grand opening of his new country music club Possum Holler with the help of the new Jones Boys and the Nashville Edition. It would appear that Jones supplied Jeffries with basic instruments or components, while Jeffries applied various levels of customization, depending on the sophistication of the instrument.

Others have nothing at all about concertinas, but are interesting anyway concertina players are, by and large, an interesting bunch. See also Anglo pricelists from Wheatstone. Access over a dozen different accordion sounds instantly. It is ready to play, and has a lovely sound with clarity and sweet tone.

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Additional birth, death, and marriage records still need to be obtained, some purported facts need to be checked, and additional information needs to be garnered from continuing research. As other Anglo concertina makers experimented with metal ends, Charles applied himself to acquiring the requisite metalworking skills. Books are written like music books except numbers replace music notes. Billy Bob Barnett, left, and George Jones discuss their new management agreement during dinner at the Stockyard restaurant.

Glazed and Confused Majolica Pottery Marks George Jones
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What happened to due diligence. It was therefore possible for someone to set up as a manufacturer if they had enough knowledge of the suppliers. Please look at the pictures and email any questions. Another concertina maker of note was Crabb, who started up about the same time as Jeffries, but whose company lasted the longest of all, sadly finishing in with the death of Neville Crabb.

It made a full line of art pottery, fine china and sanitary wares. The biggest concertina makers are now based in Italy, where the Stagi range is made for us, and Chinese made anglos and English system models are beginning to appear and quite playable too. The original varnish to the wood shows wear and surface cracking in places, The hinge for the lid of the case is broken and the carry strap on the lid is missing. End Screws are clearly visible in the Inserts.

The Concertina Museum Collection Ref C-345

Jeffries key concertina, White Lion Passage Fig. Another mark seen in the above image is the English Registration mark. So how did you to get to singapore! We also thank Margaret Birley, the library staff, and those who are responsible for the concertina collection at the Horniman Museum. See also Duet pricelists from Wheatstone.

The case shows some wear and is pictured. In all, I would suggest that is perhaps a more likely date for his acquisition of C. This is part of a deceased estate collection and has never been offered for sale before. Wheatstone English Concertina Pricelists collected by Chris Algar Most of these pricelists were found in old concertina cases.

This accordion was found to be in very good condition, it was one of the used instruments for sale on the floor of the store. He was however, first lebanese an accomplished concertinist and wrote many tutors. The screw that holds the leather strap does not screw in any more as the hole has enlarged. But I do not run extended test's for extended periods of time. However there is always the exception to the rule.

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  • Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W.
  • Includes all basic accessories needed to use the item.
  • Still, he continued to teach through the early s.
  • The ends were then sanded down which tended to also obscure the numbers of the buttons stamped into them, German-style and ebonised to hide what had been done.
  • Please feel free to contact me.

Seated beside Jones is his granddaughter Breann Hohimer. Album covers are on an inside wall near the entrance to the George Jones Museum. If you are satisfied I would appreciate a good rating. The hinges are missing a few screws but otherwise in good shape. That would not necessitate a hole to prevent it from exploding.

These people have a long history of support for and involvement with the concertina. The venue is excellent for our purposes and we are made to feel very welcome. These latter can be easily confused with steel, but they play more like brass. On the end I have shown open the reeds are brass except for one steel reed.

The reeds in Jeffries instruments are slotted into lateral layouts of reed chambers see Fig. An added bonus of playing the didgeridoo is learning circular breathing. Please see all photos for a closer look.

Charles Jeffries the Concertina Maker

Vickers were established in according to their own labels, and became the largest concertina dealer in the London area. The Wheatstone records show a Sedgwick concertina, No. Lateral reed chamber layouts of key and key Jeffries concertinas The metal fretwork on most Jeffries concertinas extends all the way to the sides of the ends, average dating milestones but exceptions exist.

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  1. Complete with original rosewood wooden case with key.
  2. An singapore expats dating site District, Shanghai Opening Hours.
  3. It will be shipped with a courier.
  4. Web site for the well-known concertina repair guru Dave Elliott, which he is developing into a technical resource on concertinas.

Jeffries, Maker, at least in the early days. They are about that size and usually only marked with a pattern number. This new system brought the concertina to the masses, with Lachenal and Co. Among the many sources for these article are reminiscences, such as the opening quotations from Harry Crabb principal of the Crabb concertina business and from Tommy Williams b.

Another photo of Northington Street Fig. The mark consists of a drawing of an individual, double-screwed, colin grafton dating English-style free reed. Built and maintained by Paul Schwartz.

There are no markings on the bottom, but its in perfect shape, no chips. But still in position on the L. My knowledge is very limited and this is being sold as a project for a collector-enthusiast. Includes an introduction to the project by Margaret Birley, Keeper of Musical Instruments at the Horniman Museum, and an article by Robert Gaskins describing in detail how the ledgers were digitized.

Glazed & Confused

It comes in its original walnut wooden case with copper hinges. Of course there is no way to say for sure without seeing it. Campervans and tents are also welcome but, because the dining room is relatively small, campers are asked to use the self-catering kitchen. Nowadays there are not many concertinas made in England, although after a short period of inactivity Wheatstone are making small numbers of concertinas as good as those of the past. It seems like our make as Ball Beavon always ordered them pitched in B or F from us.

Concertina FAQ

If you have any queries then please ask beforehand as I am happy to answer any questions. Richmond Times Dispatch -. Simpson appears many times in the earliest Wheatstone records. The makers seem to have put better reeds in most of the metal ended ones, and these command a higher price than the wooden ended ones.

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The Concertina Trade in Victorian Times
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