Dating divas value menu

Dating divas value menu

They are indeed pretty but I prefer Manadonese because they look a bit like Filipinas. Beauty in Indonesia often comes with at a price and I've learned to be careful with gorgeous Sundanese. Girls in Malang are also just as attractive. For centuries, they were living isolated in the mountains, and therefore they developed a strong character. Be aware that I am basing this whole piece on personal experience only.

On the contrary

Sundanese are considered soft and easy-going. Naturally, they will not choose the stingy ones. Some will say that they lack ambition and they are not willing to live far from their home. As a result, Javanese are said to be obedient and submissive.

Expats with passiveaggressive

Expats with passive-aggressive and shy personalities may feel more comfortable with a Javanese girlfriend. On the contrary, Indonesians like to point at the differences between the people of each provinces. They may enjoy their outspoken and confident personality which is more similar to that of a Western girl. My first Indonesian girlfriend was also a Batak and our relationship was mostly fights and screams.

Girls from poorer background may be expected by their families to marry with someone who will take care of them. About their open mindset, Sundanese are hospitable like anywhere in Indonesia.