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Christine Moutier about suicide risk and prevention for physicians and trainees. This practical handbook provides guidance for hospital and program leaders. Eager as I was to begin the next phase of my training, I began to fear that I had chosen a career that could threaten my wellness.

Thoughtful interventions to ensure that residents maintain healthy self-esteem are desperately needed. The truth is that physicians who proactively address their mental health are better able to optimally care for patients and sustain their resilience in the face of stress. Michael Myers guides readers through the variety of factors that contribute to physician suicide.

From Boyhood to Burnout in Medicine. In this minute podcast he speaks with Dr. It demands time and careful thought, reflection and patience.

They reported that attending physicians, consultants and nurses often spoke to them disrespectfully. Although self-medicating, mainly with prescription medications, may reduce some symptoms, the underlying health problem is not effectively treated. When I learned that a colleague whom I had both admired and identified with had killed herself, I was horrified.

This has contributed to both the generation-old maligning of general practice, and the present crisis of disinterest in family medicine. Instead, efforts to improve resident wellness should emphasize respectful treatment and building self-confidence throughout the training years. This can lead to a tragic outcome. As with depression itself, treating the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of this problem is unlikely to result in a favorable long-term prognosis.

This has contributed to both