Joint custody has several meanings

Dating a dad with partial custody papers

Your ex can do nothing to you, so stop being intimidated by him. It's all about the money with him. You need to understand that there is a difference between joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Single fathers have an infinite list of things to worry about. Shutterstock Unless he is a widower, there is a mom lurking somewhere in the shadows.

The thing is I have no clue where to find him. Courts prefer to keep siblings together whenever possible. My ex thinks I am crazy, but I am not. These might just be a few of the things you might want to check to see if you people belong together. In the process, some unpleasant and challenging emotions may surge within you and you should be prepared to deal with them.

He served me with custody papers. If your order gives him access to records, then there was nothing inappropriate. He hasn't been in the picture much, and shows no emotional interest in our son. If he does not have another legal parent, it is more possible than if there is a mother. My cousins adopted my son years ago.

These are the things I am still learning. Not to lump a whole race into some kind of stereotype but for some reason they know how to weave a story. You should talk to an attorney in your state.

You can't ask for a new judge. How creatively he went about that would be a part of their story.

You need to take a deep breath and work through this with me. Legal custody refers to decision making. We haven't actually filed, but it's a real possibility. You would need to talk to an attorney. Having a support group can really get you through it.

You may, instead, opt for a more supportive approach so he knows that you are willing to try and are encouraging of his parenting habits. If there isn't anything negative about it, it should not be a problem.

Most single guys only have to juggle work and social lives. Knowing that he was a single dad with primary custody and may have limited funds I understood this reality right off the bat and had no problem with this kind of arrangement.

It's all about the money withYour ex can do