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Cautions for consolidating loans On the hook for money iStock. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciate it. Grad students with grad plus loans, parents with parent plus loans, and any students with private loans are likely in this group, Josuweit said. Other reasons to consolidate student loans Student loan repayments on a form iStock.

One camp is filled with people who are looking to save money by refinancing their loans at a lower interest rate. They didn't give me a reason. The people who make the best candidates for saving money on interest are those who started with loans that already had high interest rates. Instead of going through the headache, U.

Filling out paperwork iStock. If your payments are affordable and your interest rates are relatively low, consolidation would only make sense for the convenience of having one payment. Consolidation works in a similar manner across the board, but each situation is unique. When considering refinancing, your personal preferences will need to guide whether you consolidate those high-interest loans.

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As a result, their own lending ability can be affected down the road. Ultimately, consolidation is primarily an economic decision, Josuweit said. When you do so, you can target which loans you want to pay off first.

Most people who apply are accepted, Josuweit said, and the program is completely free of charge to the applicants. This is only relevant for multiple federal loans, but would consolidate them into one payment.

But others have more niche reasons for considering it, Josuweit said. Ford Federal Direct loans. Josuweit said consolidating the high-interest loans like grad plus loans or private ones into one lump sum can bring down that interest rate, while leaving your lower-interest loans as-is. This is getting ridiculous.

Depending on the private loan terms, interest rates can be just as high. And finally, keep in mind that you can cherry-pick certain loans to consolidate.