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Fully Computerised Inventory Management. We take pride in evolving with the industries we serves. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to help our customers prosper.

Raksha offered me very convenient and

You can store personal as well as commercial goods in our storage facility. Raksha offered me very convenient and flexible option to store my goods in the godown. The agriculture ministry gives financial support for setting up of such units under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture. These guys gave me a great option to store my stuff till come back for a lot less money i would paid to my house owners.

Currently, the government is providing financial support for setting up of cold storage units under various schemes implemented by various ministries. Sure, we can help you with that. Dry Storage facilities are also available in same premises. Yes, we can provide you with transport facility. Its very well maintained and well guarded.

Customised Solutions For Every Client. Our Storage Facility is located inside the city, which is easy to locate.

We can accommodate either ways, you can transport the goods yourselves or we can handle the packing and moving for you. This is a really inexpensive option for people like me, and the support team is very supportive. Perhaps more importantly, the real difference between the competition and us is the experience, commitment and enthusiasm of its management and staff. Specialised storage rooms with independent temperature controls.

It depends on the type of items you store. Yes, and we will comply according to the contract.