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As Gary is pulled into

As Gary is pulled into the air, his grip loosens on Tank's leash, and Tank falls down the ladder to the floor, the impact loosening the camera from his back. Larry hears a strange gurgling sound and explores the closet only to find Kyle hiding in the back, revealing that Kyle has been hiding in the closet the whole time.

The next day, the red-haired woman, Clarissa, appears at his door, asking him if he is starting to see dead people. Clarissa sometimes comes to him for advice, but he is less reliable in this role than Janet.

He and Clarissa continually antagonize each other. She seems unaffected by this saying that he wasn't a very nice guy. As the aliens close in on Gary, he is suddenly pulled into the air by the alien ship's tractor beam. He appeared in a total of five episodes, the most of any recurring character.

Mike staggers through the park, heavily bleeding, before finally collapsing and apparently dying. She then asks if Herman has ever hurt anyone but he doesn't answer.

Larry hears a strange gurgling sound

Shawn, like trying situations. There is an indie rock band called Clarissa Explains It All.