Three pin fasteners on the reverse

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It starts with sinking a large vessel, between and feet. Hon James L Oberstar was due. Saginaw River Mississagi arrived Saturday with salt for Zilwaukee. She was expected to depart via the Superior entry early Friday morning. This vessel had a long career both on the Lakes and in the Caribbean.

Points of Antlers turned up, higher detail than usually found, I would say Officer's or N. Very heavy well made piece and in excellent condition.

Heinrichs said the elevators themselves have a lot of history, with decades of infrastructure and upgrades layered on each other, as well as several generations of workers that have come and gone. Some text underlined in red. Full size British Empire Medal Ribbon. Both show slight wear but still quite nice.

Khaki beret, with brown leather band. As near mint as you are going to find. Button hole fastener on back. She called on the Marathon Asphalt Terminal to load.

Bronze, with screw post fastener on the back. The lake is expected to begin a seasonal decline in water levels this month. Lining age darkened and appears to have been restitched. Gilt coated, with gilt wear off on front.

Very heavy well made piece

Inside has the two bottom pockets in white heavy cotton type material and also a inside slit top pocket on the left side. Button hole fastener, maker, W. Very well done and nice piece.

Points of Antlers turned up

Traffic stopped on Lake St. White metal shield with blackened letters.

No further traffic is expected in Duluth or Superior until mid-day Saturday. These appear to be a pair of collars, Maple Leaf only, with small folded tangs at the top tip to which the Crown would have been attached. Off white colour with red regimental crest and blue trim. VitalCity Police Shoulder Patch. Excellent condition, showing age darkening and slight fraying to edges and binding Shows use.