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Choi siwon va hee chul dating

Only those with pure souls can hear what the cucumber says. Special thank you for Ashley in helping us to translate this. He plays Kang Hyun-min, a top celebrity with a prickly personality. Because of the my cold eyes, hoobae singers are all afraid of me.

My beauty never loses anywhere. Continue practicing your lines. The best solution under this kind of situation is to keep away. Even at the time of my absence, I believe Super Junior will be well-guided.

You can only play a fool for your whole life. Girls always like bad guys. Siwon got love deficiency. If I am having a bet with my girlfriend, saying that the loser will be hit. Heechul is my hot dongsaeng.

Without the fans, there will not be the Super Junior of today. If we fight, that will uproot the pillars of Super Junior.

My life is a historical drama. Thank you for taking care of me and loving me. This also marks his film debut. For me to forget you, my eyes would purposely avoid you, but my heart would beat wildly because of you. No need to know fashion, just having good conduct will do.

My beauty never loses anywhere

If I receive a text message from an anonymous, I will ignore. Nowadays I get annoyed and hit him. The one which is gone, be it. The moment I receive a reply, my breathing will almost stop. Instead I keep it to myself and went home.

Continue practicing your lines