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Jung had become interested in psychiatry as a student by reading Psychopathia Sexualis by Richard von Krafft-Ebing. In academic courses although this category refers to learning contributes to the award. It turned out that Freud had already bought a copy. While he did think that libido was an important source for personal growth, unlike Freud, Jung did not believe that libido alone was responsible for the formation of the core personality. Jung later recognized that the incident was his fault, indirectly.

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He recorded everything he felt in small journals. In this dissertation, Jung explains the role of hysteria and epilepsy very similar in the production of occult phenomena. He recalled that they talked almost unceasingly for thirteen hours. There s no sense anywhere else in the united kingdom, united states. It is among this milieu that Carl Jung's ideas on the occult were to arise and have their greatest impact.

This forged welcome links between Jung and influential Americans. In addition, a reaction was occurring against materialism, and this reaction provoked the sort of romanticism found behind spiritualism. This constituted the introduction of some of the key concepts which came to distinguish Jung's work from Freud's in the next half century. Neither originally reported the find, as they sought to make money from the manuscripts by selling them individually at intervals.

Though it was mostly taken for granted that Jung's relationship with Spielrein included a sexual relationship, this assumption has been disputed, in particular by Henry Zvi Lothane. The two men met for the first time the following year and Jung recalled the discussion between himself and Freud as interminable.