Capture of Saphet and Toron

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Caos Begins includes an offset printed box, manual and label. Iceland accepts a Norwegian king.

Iceland accepts a Norwegian king

Marco Polo voyages to China. Includes cartridge, box and manual. Hungary continues to be ruled by foreigners for centuries to come. Fel was even given his own ship, an older craft called the Blue Flame. The two fighter pilots had set down and begun scouting, but the Chiss were able to ambush them.

Rebellion of Tripoli against the Princess Lucia. With Stent assumed dead, Nuruodo was in command.

Later Marco married and had three daughters. In it was reunited with the Greek Empire. Council of Toulouse, organisation of the Inquisition and foundation of the University of Toulouse.

Important supply components were scattered all over the moon, and it's now the job of Astro Willy to gather these components which are vital to the mission. The influence of Confucians of China falls to very low ebb. Spain, Abu Yusuf, king of the Merinids, brings a large army to Spain. Louis X is King of France.

Caos Begins includes an offset

Chack'n Pop includes an offset printed box, manual and label. Recovery of Normandy and part of Aquitaine by French.