Cameroon men dating

Cameroon men dating

My friends call me the people's man. Decision making is still in the hands of the men- be it at the household or the community level. Lastly this is not a Cammy bashing thread. In this case, therefore, men should assist women in purchasing equipment they can not afford, in order to improve farm productivity.

Thus, the two gender roles should work as partners and not in competition for domination. This indicates why men should not be entirely left out of the present discourse. It is also important that the cultural identities which have existed in the community for centuries should be integrated in the sensitization process.

Decision making is still in the

The fortunes and misfortunes of women rice producers in Ndop, Cameroon and the implications for gender roles. The more assets owned the more influential the man becomes in the community. This is because it is believed that food security is a responsibility of the woman. With the assets already guaranteed through their gender role, men are capable of coping with stress and shocks than women but seldom do so, therefore should make use of livelihood opportunities.

This paper therefore looks at the present situation of livelihood ownership assets such as natural, financial, social, human and physical conditions. Social status moves along with caste and class. Am simple and like to meet new people. They have to be encouraged to see that more equitable access to resources and decision-making for women will improve the livelihood and food security for everyone.

My friends call me the