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We will expose not just the most efficient ways to play but also the thought processes that lead to our meta builds. Regardless, lashing your enemies with bolts of lightning is very satisfying if the dark side of the force is deeply rooted in you. In the first sentence of this paragraph we stated that survival is the weak point of the elementalist, however damage is most certainly the strong point. This ability can be useful when we need to immobilize an enemy like for example the elite mobs after gorseval spawns them.

Still pretty solid, despite not being able to control fully Shock is integral part of rotation. Note that the cooldown is not halved if your target is dodging, blocking, or if you do not hit.

The elementalist is one of the professions that contributes the most to the damage output of a group by both by dealing very strong personal damage as well as buffing allies in several ways. Burning Speed This skill is one of the most damaging spells in our arsenal when using a weapon set involving dagger mainhand. Like penis enlargement ad from spam, only for real.

Foes may be hit multiple times if cast against a wall, but it deals very low damage regardless. Scepter Fire Flamestrike A very poor attack that is single target, long cast time, and low damage even considering the burn applied.

Never waste time casting Flamestrike. Being a good elementalist is not easy and will take practice and dedication. The more comfortable your group gets with encounter, the less important endurance becomes. It acts as a weapon swap in the sense that it triggers on-swap procs. They may be bad, you may be bad, you may be not using cooldowns.

Fire Grab This skill has the second highest damage coefficient out of all our skills if the enemy in question is inflicted with burning, only surpassed by that of Churning Earth. Surviving Survival is the toughest challenge for all beginners primarily due to the fact that the base stats of the elementalist are the lowest of all classes for both health and armor. Now, with overloading in place with the Tempest elite specialization, we have the ability to overload our attunements. While this is the case in some situations, it is important to note that on elementalist our absolute highest damage potential is with our staff which is in fact a ranged weapon.

Shrouded Crusader is hands down best tank relic out there, providing small albeit useful mitigation boost, serving as mini-cooldown. The low speed of the projectiles and their small radius can make this a difficult task if your target is moving. In addition to this, the swapping ability is subject to a general cooldown preventing us from swapping for a brief time after attuning. Mandatory for trash packs and most fights with adds. Therefore, in order to be efficient we must specialise by using traits to focus on relevant aspects of combat.

In reality, absorb is a fluff stat, all it does is makes already good situation shielded attack better, while shield increases amount of good situations. On endurance Another layer of spike prevention. Air Lightning Whip This is our strongest auto-attack of all weapon sets. Phoenix The Phoenix is an interesting spell that can be used as a blast-finisher and as a burst skill. Shatterstone This spell is good to stack vulnerability but its long cast time and delay take away all its value.

It is weak in terms of damage damage displayed on screen is for cumulative hits and its only value comes from its high number of hits per second, which facilitates procs. Earth Stone Shards This autoattack is very slow and its damage comes mainly from the bleed that it applies, which is very negligible. The long cast time implies that you do not want to find yourself in a situation where this is your only option to survive. Finally, the area effect combos providing might have a range limited to so if we stand too far from our group we will lose a large part of our potential damage output. Also the longer you cast this spell the damage it deals increases.

Therefore unlike Burning Speed Flamewall does

Earth Magnetic Wave There is a lot packed in this spell. Therefore unlike Burning Speed, Flamewall does not get stronger on larger targets. Since each attunement specialises in some aspect of combat, the elementalist has access to a wide variety of output. Therefore, this spell is very sparingly useful in clear open ground on immobile targets when you must disengage from melee.