Both pairs kept their money

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Both couples were

One couple was asked a percentage question, and asked to offer an answer. Whichever couple was closest without going over won the game. Then the process is repeated with a bachelor choosing from four possible bachelorettes. In the event both couples were over, the winner would be the couple that went over the least.

She then got to ask them

They were both asked to go to a booth where they could not see each other's answer. If the mate rang the bell, the date was on, and the show paid for all the expenses. After seven questions, the second couple played the round. However, if she liked the answer a man gives, she rang the bell.

Ok, picture this, you're on a blind date and it just ain't happenin'. Behind a screen, which the bachelorette could not see through, were four different men, who introduced themselves to the bachelorette one at a time. Each one appeared behind a heart-shaped screen and telling everyone about themselves, but they couldn't see through it.

Both couples were asked the question, and both couples offered an answer. She then got to ask them each one question after their introduction. Both pairs kept their money.