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Ef cacy of disul ram and cognitive behavior therapy in cocaine-dependent outpatients. La actividad de diferentes variantes humanas de colinestarasa ha sido examinada Xie et al. Gray and unrelated toxic plants consumed as food M.

Lamiaceae from three different Valencian habitats O. Codeine increases pain thresholds to copper vapor laser stimuli in extensive but not poor metabolizers of sparteine.

Nested expresion domains of tour homeobox genes in the developing rostral brain. Otx and Emx homeobox genes in brain development.

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Morales Lamiaceae in his limit of western distribution in the Iberian Peninsula J. Notes on safflower use in Alentejo Portugal H. Association analysis of polymorphisms in the opioid gene and heroin abuse in Chinese subjects.

Suppressed prolactin response to dynorphin A in methadone maintained versus control subjects. El progreso de los primates.

Del big bang al Homo sapiens. El nuevo mapa del cerebro.

This revision is focussed on opiates, opioids and cocaine mentioning some genetic variants that can alter their metabolism. Ethnobotanical knowledge as collective identity E. Evolutionary clues from spiral computed tomography of an endocast. Puri cation and characterization of a human liver cocaine carboxylesterase that catalyzes the production of benzoylecgonine and the formation of cocaethylene from alcohol and cocaine. The role of pharmacogeneticallyvariable cytochrome P enzymes in drug abuse and dependence.

Quantitative trait loci mapping of three loci controlling morphine preference using inbred mouse strains. Rewarding effects of ethanol and cocaine in mu opioid receptor-de cient mice. La hierba de Santiago, Senecio jacobaea L. Taylor for antimicrobial activity against some clinical bacterial isolates and fungi L. Hydrolysis of diacetylmorphine heroin by human serum cholinesterase.