At first nobody believed her

Blake lively and kelly blatz dating

Read about her early years, career way and how she solves conflicts with her husband. No wonder, because a girl had everything to become a star. But perhaps we shouldn't be so hard on Blakey.

They photographed all summer enjoying life under the French sun together, but the summer love died down and the two split later that year in October. After a five-month whirlwind romance that took them through Italy, New York, Australia and France, the couple decided to go separate ways. She was incredibly beautiful and camera loved her. Directed by Ken Kwapis, the film about four friends won several awards.

But career is not the most important thing in the world for a woman. So there ya have it, Awful readers, Blake's entire dating history according to her, of course in one tiny item. They were dating in and then broke up.

In Blake Lively presented the own movie. In case you forgot, Blake's short-lived relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio was her last relaysh before getting with the love of her life, Ryan Reynolds.

They photographed all summer enjoying lifeAfter a fivemonth whirlwind romance that

No doubt, they have conflicts. After that, photos surfaced of the couple smooching on the beach in Cancun, Mexico, so clearly, this couple was going strong. But we can't help but fess it seems rather unlikely we've seen all of Blake's relationships played out in public. But in her real life she has nothing in common with this bright rich girl.

Her mother served as a talent scout, and her father was an actor. They kept a very mature attitude about it as they continued to film the show. But nothing is so simple, because having become popular with the role of New York socialite, Blake Lively was accepted by most of people only as a light-minded beauty, not as a serious actress. She got a chance to try her hand as a drama actress, and in addition meet at the film set talented modern actors, such as Keanu Reeves, Robin Wright and Monica Bellucci.