Karanvir accused him of the same

Bigg boss 8 weekend ka vaar online dating

Now that the couple broke up over a task, the duo will be sent to the room for a romantic date to rekindle the love sparks between them. Aayushmann Khurana enters the house as a guest.

Salman Khan questions why Dipika Kakar is out of the ranking. Karanvir is accused of being selfish and fake.

Salman Khan Sonali Raut got eliminated

Deepak blatantly refuses the accusation. Saba and Somi support the accusation. Further, the two are asked to sell items as tele - salemen. Khurana jokes how everyone has made Singh a soft target.

Kirti and Roshmi are

Salman Khan Sonali Raut got eliminated this week from the show. Kirti and Roshmi are eliminated from the show. Salman Khan asks the housemates for the Katghera round.

He walks into the bedroom. After taunting Anoop Jalota, the actor reveals that he is here for a task. He compares him with a small crying baby. He is slammed with the accusation that he doesn't take any stand. Nirmal receives the highest vote and Saurabh Patel comes next.