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He says that it is the song on his upcoming album Have It All that is most similar to the previous Departure collection. For his first album of originals in seven years, trad-country torchbearer Yoakam had the inspired idea to call on Beck to produce a couple of tracks.

Adam Lambert headed to the Max Martin hit factory here. The homecoming here is a welcome re-introduction by the pop mogul.

Showing off his versatility rapper B. The isolation and dread in this ballad of road-weary longing proves that music can be soul-wrenchingly heavy without plugging in a single amp or hitting a power chord. The first single from Michael Jackson's posthumous album does feel a bit incomplete but is clearly in the mode of other classic uplifting Michael Jackson anthems. It is a powerfully uplifting anthem encouraging listeners to celebrate themselves and look to the future with a positive point of view. Now this is some single-payer sexual healing.

Top 100 Songs of 2012 - Billboard Year End Charts

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It proved he can deliver a hit single that instantly sounds timeless in its appeal. Courtesy of Cobracamanda Publicity. It was a powerful return to club-ready dance-pop by one of the world's top pop artists.

Jesse McCartney takes the approach here of not messing with a formula that works. Sixty-two singles charted in the top ten during the year. This is one of the top party hits of the year.

Either way, there is a lot of great pop music to be found on this list. Usher has always had a Madonna -esque ear for the sound of the moment.

Top 100 Songs of 2012 - Billboard Year End Charts

Love is pain, and nobody understands that quite like this suburban teen-rap every-girl. In an unusual twist, Timbaland sings here. Romanian musician and producer Edward Maya created an international pop sensation with this adaptation of an Azerbaijani song. However, even here the upbeat skates along the borderline of intensity when teasing of the unidentified male in the song runs along the border of taunting.

Hudson, a protege of Kanye West. This rocker condenses everything that makes these Brooklyn guys great into five taut minutes. This delightfully catchy song is what came out. The biggest hit yet from the raucous punk-pop band Paramore is a reflective, bittersweet ballad. The lead single is a bubbly uptempo song borrowing the spirit of Motown and Phil Spector holiday classics.

The Stones return after seven years with the kind of apocalypse-blues kick-in-the-teeth only they can deliver. It continued her hit streak and likely picked up some new adult fans to go with her solid teen base.

Top Songs of - Billboard Year End Charts

On this track producer, J. Feel free to agree or to disagree. Taylor Swift's second single from the Speak Now delivers an apology in song.

Top Pop Songs of

In essence, it was Kanye West back in his groove. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The Norwegian duo StarGate produced the song.

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This list should be a great conversation starter. He worked with hot producer Benny Blanco in putting together the record. It is catchy but slightly faceless.

The album and single were a commercial disappointment for the band in a year in which rock did not fare well at all in music sales. Mainstream pop radio and audiences undeservedly overlook their music.

This bold melding of church hymn, plain-folks lament and hip-hop protest bloomed on tour as Springsteen turned on his arena-preacher vibe. The Euro-slut club jam of the summer never fails to get the drink-spillingest ladies out on the floor.

Courtesy of Epic Publicity. It begins as stripped down hip-hop then slides into a jazzy groove for the end section. The song climbed on to the Billboard Hot after being released independently on iTunes. Eminem previewed his Recovery album with a track that is truly inspirational. Courtesy of Girlie Action.

Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Top 100 Singles of 2012

The inspirational lyrics are inspired by her son Knight. It was a year later than fans initially expected, but when Coldplay's Christmas record finally appeared, it sounded like a potential perennial holiday hit. Taylor Swift's first single from the massively successful Speak Now was somewhat disappointing seeming a bit too similar to previous hits.

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It also came complete with a controversial video. This lead single from Justin Bieber's second album gets a lot of the credit for making him truly a world pop superstar.

Love songs in pop music make up a very crowded field. Heatseekers Songs Smooth Jazz Songs. Hot Country Songs Country Airplay. The Black Eyed Peas continue to march to the beat of their drummer.

This appealing dance-pop song was initially recorded as a demo by Usher. Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj. This merry-go-round is no carnival ride, shola aur shabnam mp3 songs but the tune is gorgeous.

Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Top 100 Singles of 2012