Servicing a Frigoboat System

Best place to hook up a vacuum gauge

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One ounce plus or minus from the correct volume will greatly effect the power consumption and performance. With years of experience I am able to locate leaks of more than one half ounce per week. Correct servicing method when gauges are not available.

Next, screw T handle all the way in to puncture can, then open valve to purge the hose and close it again. He was on the boat for about an hour and it didn't take a lb of refrigerant. It is ergonomically pleasant and has a good line of sight. The fridge ran continuously and would not shut off. Check to see that blue gauge has blue hose and lose end of blue hose has a valve core depressor inside.

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Low profile grip area allows you to direct power along the plane of the cut resulting in one smooth motion that leaves factory edges everytime. Be sure to create a good seal or suction will be lost. Cool Blue Refrigerant Servicing with an Expansion Valve I am looking for a recommendation from you as to which of your books is most appropriate for my needs. Feed your hunger for fast, easy, economical, accurate performance and the tightest floor on earth. Moisture can cause ice crystals that will block refrigerant flow.

Acting as a sander, edger and buffer, this machine can complete a flooring job from start to finish. Large non-marking wheels, degree non-marking vinyl bumper protects floor, walls and furniture. The ideal multi-purpose sprayer for painting professionals with weekly spraying needs.

The fridge has performed flawlessly until this season. Also has a remote control so you can adjust comfort level without getting up from your chair. Polyethylene drum holds up to lbs. Heater Floor Dryer, by Powr-Flite - The full featured commercial dryer from Powr-Flite has the drying power for every carpet drying, flood restoration and general air circulation requirement.

Needs a cleaning system that allows for rapid recovery and drying time. The leak is still there, I presume, as it was not found.

This will promote an extremely comfortable, even, stable heat. Choose from a Chrome-plated Cart with fold-down handle or a Stand-Mount with carrying handle. Disassembles easily for transport or storage. They did not do a leak test. The evaporator that was frosted over for a week lost its ice, there was no refrigerant noise in the evaporator and the compressor was running constantly.

If bubbles are present, the system needs to be charged. Fire resistant black polycarbinate and galvanized steel shell.