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Read more about the Kremlin troll army here. As a result our perception of what is fact has become highly personalised, politicised, and malleable.

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Abstracts describing recombinant protein production strategies specifically aimed to improve productivity and ease of manufacturing are welcome. April Fools was the perfect day to do this. What we offer A competitive salary, health, dental, vision, k, dating websites for phones and stock options plan and the opportunity to grow with our ambitious project to become a new global drug discovery organization.

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You understand air sensitive techniques such as operation of schlenk line and glove boxes. Furthermore, each protein has its set of post-translational modifications that can be relevant to its function. Support fundraising activities, interact with potential investors or collaborators at various events such as conferences. The facts of climate change are clouded by the politicalization of the issue which is split along Republican and Democratic lines. You will collaborate at multiple levels within the company as an important member of highly motivated and result-oriented team.

Support management and planning of general research. So what exactly is Clone Zone?

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Demonstrated a project leadership capability and exceptional problem solving skills. Enormous improvements in productivity have been made over the past decade throughout the process resulting in protein yields exceeding grams per liter. Of course we were psyched about the fact that Clone Zone worked so well, spreading like wildfire form share to share. Clone Zone is in closed beta at the moment, but check for the beta password at the end of the post if you want to try it out for yourself.

Protein Engineering Chair Carlos Bosques The engineering and production of proteins are crucial components of the biopharmaceutical industry. Establish assays to assist in the identification of drug targets as well as provide insight into the mechanism of action of novel drug substances.

The average internet user doesn't question or cross-check the information presented to them. This session will focus on testing strategies and case studies high-lighting the pivotal role of analytical characterization in development, licensure, and post-licensure life cycle management.

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You have years of industrial experience or an equivalent of internships etc. States powers are also able to use the increasing subjectivity of facts to their advantage. Extraction of organic molecules from Natural sources by, e. The fake article turned out to be more believable than we ever anticipated with likes and reposts rollin in right away.

Turns out the article was even passed around the Genius office, a real and well-funded startup who we mentioned in the TechCrunch article. Closely collaborate with chemistry team to identify new bioactive materials.

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