But that will take about two years

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In fact, I was not even friends with her. Nobody can beat him at that. He hails from Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.

We are gonna kill it with our chemistry. He is planning a career in films and his whole attention is there.

Much later as I got toWe are friends who keep playing

At present, he does not want to get into relationships as he wants to focus on shaping up his career as an actor. You ask any couple, all of them will tell you that they fight.

We are friends who keep playing pranks on each other. Much later as I got to know him better I discovered that he is a gem of a person and a great friend. The suave actor was the first to make a pass at the actress but unfortunately the subtle hints he dropped weren't picked by Asha.

They share a great chemistry. Over a period of time we became friends and only recently we found out that there could be more to our friendship.