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Normal Boots Club is a free fan-made otome game romance-oriented visual novel from a female perspective based on the guys of Normal Boots. The details are very lush and Asagao looks very prestigious as a result.

If you wanna see how deconstruction is supposed to work, then definitely try this one on for size. Jirard is an avid collector of Itty Bitty Kitty figurines. The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise enough money to make it feasible to release Asagao Academy for free once it's completed.

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It also shows that the crew for both Normal Boots and Hidden Block were on board, so play away guilt free. They also feature characters inspired by the real Hidden Block web creators.

Although she comes from a rich family, she isn't snobby or conceited. They are goofy, chaotic, and cause destruction just about everywhere they go.

Final Verdict I am, no exaggeration, absolutely in love with Asagao Academy. Even so, to make me feel better, each name will be a link to the real Youtuber. She's obsessed with the Normal Boots Club, Jared in particular, and is known to be a bit blunt. This game is being created with permission from Normal Boots, although we are not officially affiliated with Normal Boots or its members.

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Hana sees her chance in the form of a green jacket. His passions in life include video games and his robot bird, Jacques, the unequal love of his life. If you know anything about the fanfiction community, then I have just triggered a waterfall of unpleasant images for you.