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Arjun kapoor dating arpita khan

Now, we don't need tell more about what's brewing between the hot-shot star and Kapoor scion, Arjun. Though it could never be established whether the duo dated or not, but, Arjun's fondness and love for Anushka was not hidden from anyone in the industry. You have to accept what is, take it on your chin, and move on.

We always make it a point to greet each other. He told her he would take her abroad but within a week she passed away.

She Athiya is a sweet girl

She Athiya is a sweet girl. It was after the death of his mom Mona that Arjun reconciled with his dad. The Ishaqzaade actor has come out and talked about his ex-girlfriend for the very first time to the media Arjun Kapoor revers Salman Khan, this is a well known fact. The media saw us Athiya and I together at a party, so it all started dating rumours.

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He was taken aback, but he respects people and relationships. He was my friend, my father-figure, older brother, everything at that point. She thanked him for making me an actor. The actor may have a huge fan base today, but he too had a past that we are not aware of, he too has been through a lot of ups and downs in life.

There is no pressure on either of us to maintain an equation beyond a certain amount of time. Arjun Talks To Family He was initially scared to inform Salman Khan but later went and informed the entire family about his relationship with Arpita Khan. Sadly she passed soon after that. The duo was even seen together at cinema halls and coffee shops but never admitted to anything.

Even after breaking up, I would hang out with him. Several times, while sipping coffee with Karan Jojar on his couch, Arjun had openly expressed his desire to marry Anushka. In fact, he was partial in that relationship where he would always take my side. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Arjun spilled the beans on his failed relationship with her. Unfortunately, it is always made to seem like we do not acknowledge each other at parties, which is not the case.

Others don't go beyond the making of a film because after it is over, people go their separate ways. When we started dating, I was scared of Salman bhai and went and told him and the entire family as I wanted them to know from me first. However, none of them ever acknowledged anything. Eldest son of Boney Kapoor and Mona, Arjun decided to stay with his mom after the duo decided to split and Boney ended up marrying Sridevi.