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If you break up, she'll write a song about you, so there's that to consider. For those brave souls who'd like a guide to the top picks for their next romantic adventure, we've compiled a list of the top ten wealthiest men still on the market. He and his brother became millionaires when they were teenagers. So for those of us willing and able to pursue billionaire bachelors, be prepared to follow up in the footsteps of some ill-fated exes.

If you like a bad boy, Niel has that covered. He left half of his fortune to India and her half-sister Fawn. We can only imagine he's a busy man, so we'd advise any interested parties that the best place to hook up with this attractive billionaire is probably at the office.

The company went public in March. She owns a number of homes across the country. Ladies and Gents, dust off your flirting skills and prepare to meet some of the richest bachelors and bachelorettes in the world. Alongside this project, Pera has tapped into a must for any billionaire entrepreneur - the purchase of a major league sports team.

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She attended Brown University and is a U. However, Niel does maintain that the prison sentence related to undeclared income stemming from the shops. Approach this bad boy with caution, perhaps. These days he's embarked on a solo career as a singer and songwriter.

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Amy's favorite self-made billionaire is Sara Blakely. So while money can definitely help your chances of finding love, the bachelors on our list are evidence that you really can't buy it. Collison is a licensed pilot and runner. In all seriousness, if the following list of single millionaires and billionaires teaches us one thin, it is that dating is tough no matter what your net worth it. Since then he's been a busy bee.