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Except for the times she was in a fight, but she seemed sincere in her apology afterwards. He is telling people what they want to hear to position himself from week to week. They must edit a lot out to make the cast look better. Candice is so dumb to protect Howard over herself. Brian agrees and also thinks that Spencer would be open to it.

  1. It seems like you have two sides.
  2. Website admin will know that you reported it.
  3. Being from the South living at home until your that old is very unnatural.

Rob, Eric and Brian agree that this will not happen. Yes, I feel the same and I had hope for Judd, speed dating undervisning but sadly even he has let me down. You need join my congregation and clean your soul.

He will get evicted soon enough! She is smart and strong and knows the game. Elissa asks Judd if they have bottled water.

Marilyn will have to be reinflated by the time Spencer gets home. One thing to consider is that while they are living the game they might experience things one way, from their personally perspective. It makes me want to puke big time.

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Jessie tells her she loyal to Andy, Elissa and Helen. Amanda is like a succubus, she just pulls all the personality out of McRae. You kept flirting with Judd for the last two weeks before his eviction. So if that is accurate then Arryn stays most likely. Retweeted by Clio the Leo.

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We can use all the help we can get. Such a person full of ennui and stupidity. No, he probably would wonder why he smells onion and Vagisil.

Elissa says she is going to try and hook up with you. Watch the Show on Youtube. Watch the youtube video of her on a bridal talk show. Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter.

But game wise it should be McC or Amanda since it looks like Howard is going this week. Elissa makes me want to gag, Amanda makes me want to puke, Mc. Just watch and listen to him. This wire taunt and formal correctness and energy. How are you on this site complaining about spoilers?

Keeping Andy is good for Mcrea. For Helen, Jessie is too needy and is trying to think for herself i. Unless they think they can use her which is possible.

My parents live in Jersey, lucy watson and andy which is very expensive. As much as Jeremy was a d-bag. The fact that they did not acknowledge their racism and bullying just means they meant what they said!

That confirms everything anyone on this site every said about his lack of personal care habits. Plus, matchmaking in I have called her a preying mantis. Wonder who told her to say that.

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Elissa says aw I want to do another one now. The House is waking up for a reason you slugs. And Candice is a Pediatric Speech Therapist. As far as Amanda goes, I did think her schtick with Clounie was very funny. So do we know yet who replacement nom is for Spencer?

Is hookup guard real Casual hookups what to know before having one

Elissa says Amanda is so gross. Eric felt it was because Amanda was too busy fake crying. Amanda then tries to blend into the wall. Judd says McCrae thinks it makes her look like a better player, like an evel dick. Brian believes McCrae will need to win some competitions first.

He desperately wants to work with McCrae, and the only way to do that is kicking Amanda to the curb. Eric believes that the fans will not let the others off the hook. Grumpy face Amanda never had a social game until she hooked into McCrea.

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Big Brother Sunday Night Recap for Labor Day Weekend - 9/01/13

Longtime fan so disappointed with this worthless crew. The guys rarely protect the girls. Rob asks Brian if any drama was caused by Spencer winning this money. Candice reminds me a lot of my own daughter.

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Perhaps Amanda realizes that and is hoping to take Aaryn. Howard is a cool guy though. Rob does not think we will see any more booing from the audience. Unless its something you like or agree with, you rip and degrade us. What an insane day on the Big Brother Feeds!

  • He is much closer to them than Helen.
  • Candice is not my favorite player by any means, but I feel for her.
  • She sacrificed her own game for him.
  • It denies us buying the dryer has close the latter option.
  • Rob wants the show to have level playing field for all house guests.

Big brother 15 amanda and mccrae hook up

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