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The label has great instructions for using the clock. As you can see, a few of the brass hour maker studs have fallen off. The clock also features an alarm. The Baby Ben bears this resemblance much stronger than the Big Ben.

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Most of the men love to be gifted with something that can be used during their routine of work. Very impressive sound from this very modern-styled clock. The glass is original and held in with putty.

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Westclox Alarm clocks, being generally less expensive than other clocks, where the first clocks I collected. The dial looks rather interesting with the additional and useful seconds bit.

It is an older clock and has all-wood whistle assemblies that make the cuckoo calls. The fourth wheel, escape wheel, and verge all use the same size wire for the pivot, so a piece was salvaged and pushed into the fourth wheel to extend the pivot to mount the hand.

Features a bim-bam hour and half-hour strike on four tuned rods. It is too bad that American clock makers moved the label to outside the case in later years where the label was more easily damaged. This large dial wood cased clock was made in Japan by the Owari Clock Co tokei is Japanese for clock, hence the Owaritokei marking on the dial. You have invested so much time and energy in your relationship and it makes it hard to let go of things. Westclox did make some models with a seconds bit for specialist uses.

Lever or lever clock were the names usually used then for balance wheel controlled movements. The new single key movement would go on to be the last American made Westclox movement. Ansonia was started in by Anson G Phelps. The escapements of Gilbert alarm clocks are rather interesting. The Horolovar book is indispensible when you work on day clocks.

Ingraham used a thumb-wheel to front regulate its mantle clocks. It is time to take a fresh start by indulging yourself in a new relationship, evaluate your feelings, refresh your mood and prepare yourself to step into a better relationship. The Baby Ben shown here is interesting for a few reasons.

This movement also has what are known as stop-works or Geneva stops. Below, early on left, late on right.

The second and third photos show the movement before and after cleaning. This clock is very interesting. This clock has a painted zinc metal dial with a raised hour ring. Both clocks are the same size, and the dial are very similar. The seventh and eighth photos shown below are of a complete mechanism mounted to a demonstration frame.

However, their close people can make them feel excited about celebrating their birthdays in the most fabulous way. This clock has many features typical of the era in which it was made.