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Many patriotic songs for Afghanistan have been made. Many people continued to secretly play their instruments. Its tone sounds very similar to a national anthem. This form, Western music mainly consisting of pop, and nowadays rap etc.

Much of the Afghan music industry was preserved via circulation in Peshawar and the holding of concerts for Afghan performers there helped to keep the industry alive. Outline Index Bibliography. Pop music emerged in Afghanistan during the s, and became very popular until the late s.

There is no single, but many musical traditions and styles in Afghanistan. These different traditions and styles evolved over centuries in the context of a highly diverse ethnic, linguistic, regional, religious, and class distinctions which characterized Afghan society. The pure Afghan musical style was popularized by the immortal Afghan singer Ahmad Zahir. However, in spite of its modernity, purpose driven church rick warren it is not the most popular musical genre.

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Popular music also included Indian and Pakistani cinema film and music imported from Iran, Tajikistan, the Arab world and elsewhere. List of Pashto-language singers. These styles include Qataghani, Logari, Qarsak etc.

However, the progenitor of this musical tradition was another Afghan singer named Abdul Rahim Sarban. Afghan music can be classified in a number of ways. The dombura is played with much banging and scratching on the instrument to help give a percussive sound. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


The Afghan concept of music is closely associated with instruments, and thus unaccompanied religious singing is not considered music. The s were the golden age of Afghanistan's music industry. Afghan hip hop is a type of music popular among Afghanistan's youth and immigrant community. The vast majority of the elite artists in Afghanistan until the s were trained in the Indian classical tradition. What helped the emergence of pop music in Afghanistan were amateur singers from non-traditional music backgrounds who wanted to showcase their talents in the studio Radio Kabul.

The Indian classical tradition was a hugely influential strain. Many singers including Ahmad Zahir have sung in this tradition pop, rock n roll etc.

There is a tiny sound hole in the back of the instrument, while the top is thick wood. These amateurs innovated in Afghan music and created a more modern approach to the traditional folklore and classical music of Afghans.

Lyrics throughout most of Afghanistan are typically in Dari Persian and Pashto. The style borrows from many other musical traditions such as the Indian, Iranian, Middle Eastern, folkloric Afghan traditions etc. Administrative divisions provinces districts cities Earthquakes Volcanoes. The two strings are made of nylon in modern times or gut. During the s, the Afghan Civil War caused many musicians to flee, and subsequently the Taliban government banned instrumental music and much public music-making.

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Modern popular music did not arise until the s when radio became commonplace in the country. Many other singers, however, who do not belong to this genre, have dabbled in recording songs in the Qataghani, logari, qarsak etc. Sarban's songs set the template for the unique Persian -language Afghan musical sound that characterizes the most popular Afghan musical genre today.

The second group, Mohali folk music was more diverse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They cross a short bridge to a pin at the other end of the body. The vast majority of Persian-speaking singers since the s belong to this genre.

Webarchive template wayback links. Ubaidullah Jan Kandaharai is regarded as the king of Pashto music in the southern Afghanistan region. The rubab is a common lute -like instrument in Afghanistan, and is the forerunner of the Indian sarod. Book Category Asia portal. Some prominent artists in this category were Hamahang, Beltoon etc.

These singers were from middle- to upper-class families and were more educated than singers from traditional music backgrounds. Ghichak is a string instrument made by the Hazara people of Afghanistan. Qasim's most recent album came out in February in Canada.


Apart from Ahmad Zahir, the most successful contemporary proponent of this style of Farhad Darya. He died in the s but his music is still very much enjoyed by the Pashtun diaspora around the world, mainly by the Pashtuns in the Kandahar - Quetta regions.

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