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Ready to show off your piloting prowess? It's impossible for a flip that easy. Try to defeat the bad Baron in a series of fun and challenging levels, however, avoid getting hit or shot by enemy fire and planes!

Have you got the skills to become an elite commercial pilot? Of course, this is easier said than done - Supreme concentration and keyboard tapping skills are required if you want to master the delicate flight controls of this fighter plane. Your goal is to advance and destroy the oncoming enemy before they attack and infiltrate your base. You have to build houses, bridges and other structures with your load, as well as quenching forest fires and helping cars across ravines. This challenging arcade-style flying and shooting game is a true test of your steady hands, deft keyboard touch, courage, and your complete concentration.

Note that you have only three lives, so be quick and accurate not to be hit! Your observation skills will also be tested, as you need an eagle eye to spot the various oncoming objects. With only a pair of wings remaining, the plane is still flying.

Shoot the enemy planes, while trying to save your own airplane in this action-packed, air-attack shooting game. Create your own routes, fly across the world, video converter for xp and make your own airplanes. You run away and sneak into a hangar where you find an old airplane from a past war. This flight simulator delivers a close-to-realistic experience for serious flight sim fans.

It is not only tough, but reaction developing as well. These challenges include safely landing, dropping bombs, avoiding missiles, and more.

Flight Simulator for PC and MAC

Flight Simulator for PC and MAC

Keeping focused and concentrated is vitally important as you attempt to keep your plane airborne for as long as possible. Gather grey stones, left by the defeated enemies, to buy upgrades to your base and your vehicle.

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You play the role of a super-versatile pilot, and you have the chance to take control of Military aircraft, commercial planes, and the iconic planes of yesteryear. We have an urgent need for a skilled Boeing operator to fly a number of challenging virtual missions. Your amazing flying skills and cool temperament are urgently required!

The controls of your hi-tech ship are extremely sensitive. There is an enemy indicator at the top right corner of the game screen, so that you would know which side you are being attacked from. Easier said than done when you have such a huge plane to control! Get ready for a true test of your helicopter flying abilities!

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Your aim is to defend the Power Core at all costs. You can also choose to upgrade your armor, vehicle, and to repair the Power Core in the menu at the bottom of the game screen. Buy and customize planes by earning credits, which you get by bringing down the enemy planes.

During each flight, you earn virtual income to improve your rocket from a simple floating craft, into a jet-fueled super spacecraft! And for a game of this size, it handles very well.

An enemy pilot lost control of his plane and crashed it on the prison. The combat takes place in the air, and from the air to the ground. Play as a tail gunner to take out interceptors. Stunt Car Racing - Multiplayer.

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Best Free-to-Download Flight Simulator Games for (PC & Mac)

You must collect batteries and avoid obstacles if you want to carefully guide him all the way home safely. Now you only need to get way alive!

Some are demos of fuller simulation packages, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo or X-Plane, while others offer the entire package because they are open source such as FlightGear. Be the best pilot with Flight Simulator FlyWings!

Ever wanted to customize your very own home-made rocket, and fly it into outer space? While the aim is easy to follow, the controls can be quite tricky.

Very reasonable You can appreciate the love and hard work that has gone into this game. If so, then this is definitely a game for you to explore! Featuring a huge commercial passenger airliner with physics unlike any you have ever seen in other flight simulation games!

Have you got the nerves of steel required to successfully handle this chopper Captain? It's time to realize your ambition, and follow in the footsteps of the great space travel pioneers.

Calling all Top Virtual Pilots. Choose from aircraft as varied as the original Wright Brothers plane, a power-packed Lear jet, a Boeing Passenger plane, and many more. Have you got the raw flying talent, and slick piloting skills to complete this difficult flying challenge?

You are the only helicopter pilot within miles of the disaster zone. Let's test your flight skills!

Your strategic planning abilities will also be tested, as you have to decide which part of each mission to complete first. Piloting this machine is strictly a job for slick and professional space pilots. Utilize your quick reactions and nifty fingers to succeed in this classic-style flying game that really sorts the amateur pilots from the professionals!

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The system lets users compress time to shorten long adventures. You need to use your expert knowledge of troop deployment, military hardware and air strikes to take out this fearsome and unconventional enemy. It is, however, not accessible during combat.